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  1. If I’m honest I wouldn’t quote as my first 5 games ended in 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses, although it was against opposition who 4 of ended up finishing in the top 6. i went on to finish the season in 1st place with 106 points, after being 12 points behind 1st place Leeds at one point! They ended up on 94 points, think they won one game out of the last 5 of the season, really bottled it. I’m now about to try recruit some new players for the first season in the prem, however it is proving difficult to cover all areas with enough strength in depth and also quality with £40m as my budget
  2. Agreed it is definitely a long save in the Championship. I’m still 2nd with 10 games left but my once 10 point gap from 3rd is now 4 points... praying I can hold off as I can’t bare another season in the a Championship
  3. So I’m wondering guys, how many of you have taken up the opportunity/challenge of getting out of the Championship and into The Premier League? I’ve tried my hand with Brentford, the board requires play offs at a minimum, which I thought is a pretty decent challenge given the competition of the Championship on paper, however I sit 2nd in the table at Christmas time with the January window about to open and feel relatively confident I can probably get the automatics, that’s as long as I avoid injuries to key players for long periods of time. So who else has ventured into the Cha
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