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  1. Hi Guys, I started a save with Manchester United and disabled the first transfer window. Once the first window closed I received an email from the board notifying me that I would only be given 600k to spend on transfers. Is this normal? I presumed I would still receive some of the usual 100mil+ you get to spend when the window isn't disabled. My manager is National reputation instead of the suggested Global rep. Is that maybe the reason they dont trust me with the funds? Going to be hard to achieve the objectives without any cash to spend. A lot of the players on my radar will be gone before i'm able to request more funds from the board
  2. I have just passed the end of the first transfer window and got a message from the board saying they would only give me 600k transfer budget. That can't be normal??? Is this because I made my manager "National" reputation instead of the suggested "Global" Even still, seems strange they're giving me nothing to holster the squad with
  3. I've recently started a new save with Manchester United and ticked the option to "disable first transfer window". - I've never done this before and wanted to give it a try. I've noticed the transfer budget is set to zero. Is this a bug? or will the club allocate a budget after the first transfer window has passed? I presumed i'd be able to sign players now to join the club in January. Thanks for your help guys
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