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  1. I think he is in the same shoes as Hererra. Not playing constantly throws you off balance. I am pretty sure he can get better if someone could motivate him. Van Gaal has this weird punishment method, one mistake and you are off (I know Schneiderlin's performance was sub par in the West Ham game) I think it kills a players mood to do that and the fact that you know you will not play a couple of games after that. I don't think that will motivate you in training, bad training you don't get picked, its a nightmarish cycle.
  2. It depends what do you want to achieve. Scouting for youngsters is a good start, maybe you can snatch up some quality player. If you have room try to scout lesser leagues. You might be surprised what you can find in Norway, Sweden, Holland, Ukraine, Belgium. etc.
  3. Won it one time in FM 2006 with Italy. Best thing about it I somehow convinced Ze Roberto to become an Italian citizen. Brazil just left him out constantly. Then went on he scored like 5 goals in the tournament. 1 goal against Brazil in the semi-finals ))) which sent us through. I don't think he'l ever return to Brazil after that.
  4. To sum it up the reason why I like this FM better is because now you can have a bigger variety to success. Basically this is how it is in the real world, tactics can be as different as night and day and you can still achieve your goals.
  5. Absolutely agree. I had Hernandez at Man Utd just absolutely dominating any opposition he wanted. I'm really glad that SI made changes to the game.
  6. and I just wanted to explain why that happens, often these problems might be seen as bugs by some users.
  7. Well of course. If you set for release a player who is at your first team and he still got a lot to go then why wouldn't he be upset. Basically you clearly state to him you'll be fired come end of your contract. What work morale would you have if your boss comes and tells you in 2-5 Months time you wont have a job.
  8. Well it's true that SI worked up on it. But regarding most positions needing pace and acceleration.... I think WBR, WBR ML, AML, MR, AMR should be the speedy guys in a team. An occasional ST but the rest for the rest of the squad speed is not that important. Granted it is good that you have it, but what good is it to you if a player has 20 pace when he's crossing is just 11, or dribbling is 11-13 or has no technique. I agree with QWERTYOP I tie this opinion to my other one above. The golden rule is to look at your players and make a tactic work for them, if you have 1-2 guys that can run like a bullet train then by all means that's your greatest weapon, use them to run behind enemy defense and score one-on-ones. But otherwise you wont be able to benefit from them.
  9. Good one SI. But seriously this skin would interest me. It looks awesome. Could anyone tell me, will there be someone who tries to do a skin like this.
  10. My thought proccess exactly, but still a bit worried here. Just have to wait and see.
  11. Ohhhh..... shoot. Thanks will look into it. But beats me still not finished proccesing.
  12. Thanks but I weren't referring to this one, I started my new save with the 13,3 update. It's been 25 minutes only 1 day has passed, I can't stop the game proccesing. I am in Brazil 2014 January 30.
  13. Hi, I'm just wondering, because today I launched Fm 2013 and Steam did an update. I quickly checked the forums and couldn't find any official update. Now my problem is that the processing is gotten so slow that my PC is just crawling like one game day in 15 minutes, which is more then ridiculous. Can anyone tell me what could have happened? SI?
  14. My biggest concern and why I'm getting frustrated with this years FM. Player reactions to what is happening on the pitch. I mean omg, sometimes it's like I'm whatching a slow motion when my team si set to play counter attack quick football. I see countless times that my MC is just barely nodges the ball out wide to the ML or MR, it's taking forever. (i can understand if he is frustrated because I play exploit the flanks shout but maaaan this is annoying) The solutions that I see on the attacking third is shalow, hit the ball from far away (I know lots of people mentionde this). Cross the ball in the box see what will happen. I wont shoot until I'm so closed down that when I shoot instead of passing the ball, it lends on the corner flag. I went back to FM12 and quickly turned it of because I realised it's ME is so much smoother that if I would finish a game on FM12 I might not come back for FM13 (and that's just 30 Euros out the window, and thats a lot of money where I live) Ultimetly I think actual gameplay flow or animations are needed to be adressed to. Otherwise the ME will never get as good as FM12 and will ruin my experience as well. * Forgot this one: Players wont react to ball near them, because pass is intended for another player, but because pass it's so slow or misjudged it will get snatched up by opposition, while player is acting like a refere just standing there as if he is not part of the actual gameplay. Normaly even if you can't get to the ball you would try to close down, or chase the oppositions player to get the ball back. Nooooo they wait until they hav 10-15 meter advantage and then they realise ohhhhh I actually play this game not just spectate. Sorry for the rant, but I need to vent my system.
  15. First of all, you have to consider two main factors: 1) Your personal reputation within the game. 2) Your teams reputation. Players are tempted to ask more money if they feel they wont succed with you, or they see your team as low reputation one and they want to be the absolute star at your club. The only other explanation is the player dislikes your team, or somebody within the club. Finally ask yourself this: Would you go to play for Arsenal with a 3.5 million contract per year, or play for Barcelona with a 2 million contract on the table (hypotethicaly both team would offer you a starter place).
  16. Usually this means that you are not closing dow the opposition quite enough. Or they can pack the middfield aggainst you, so they have an open player wich can shoot the ball on goal. Bare in mind this can also be more complicated than that, try to adapt every game, or try to adapt to different tactics your opponents use. I could tell you, to man mark, hassle opponents, play narrow (or play wide) etc. but it might not work if you don't tweak your tactic to the given situation.
  17. Sorry mate screenshot to small. Can't really see his stats.
  18. These things are always tweaked. Graphics however were not. Yes every year there were added animations, and new stadium depictions or stadium surrounding during matchday, but physics and actual pitch presentation were not far from FM2009 so to say.
  19. This is an incorrect statement. The reputation is changing, maybe not working well, but for the first time ever inf FM series it is changing.
  20. I beg to differ. Why do you think there are so many high profile transfers these days. Cristiano Ronaldo, Tevez, Modric, Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva the list can go on and on. All these player transfers were manged by agents, who in some cases bagged millions (pounds or euros that doesn't matter). I seem to read more often that world class managers like Sir Alex Ferguson are complaining about the influence of agents and how bad is it for football.
  21. I don't know the exact solution for your problem, but try to get your hands on established stars even from within your league and build a new stadium. If money is not a problem try to sign the best players who wants to join you. They will come with their own reputation which can boost your club. Just look at the world football policy there are to few players who become really big stars at international level by staying at there own club.
  22. If you use the job center only those will apply who are interested in your club and tempted by your reputation. However if you search manually for staff you might find better coaches, physios, scouts, A. Managers
  23. I think whatever the agents fee attribute if you want the player to sign to you you better pay the agent well. If I don't want to pay my player high wages I usually pay the agent a bigger sum, so on the long run it's beneficial for me. (Cases may vary)
  24. I completely agree, I just hope that a new engine is in development. Back a couple of years when SI announced that they are collaborating with another company and bringing their physics engine over. This happened by FM 2009 or 2010 can't recall. But what I do know is it made a huge difference in the 3D engine.
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