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  1. how exciting another thing i will leave to the assistant
  2. any new features announced yet or is that it , i just hope they are saving the best ones till last otherwise i'll be disappointed tbh
  3. yep , this would go a long way to making it look realistic , the way the ball bounces off players is very odd and the fact they cant actually have any kind of tackles or bumping into each other is a bit poor for 2019
  4. Ahhhhh , the old dont play the game crap comes out , its a bit like telling a mentally ill person to kill themselves because you cant be arsed to listen to problems and everything is fine with your life , the fact that RB makes excellent points and has a passion for the game is the reason the powers that be should be listening , then we wouldnt get the same game every year with a few new things that after a month you realise have no real impact on the actual game.
  5. if you test the tactics as much as people do then you will find a formation that takes advantage of the AI , strikerless was well known , and yes you might have to play around with roles but that was because some of the roles worked better than others , one year every successful tactic tested had inverted wing backs, there are people who make Tactic testing websites and list the successful ones , one glance and you see that the top ones are the same formation , FM 2019 has two , download one of these and your team can go from a relegation battle at Xmas to being close to a European finish , i know because ive tested tactics for hours as i find it interesting , so to deny any knowledge of power formations is one of the reasons there are powered formations in the game , developers cant keep sticking their fingers in their ears hoping they dont hear these things.
  6. i'm in tactic testing discord group where tactics are spoken about at length , formations and tactics are tested and discussed , and there are formations that are more adept at beating the AI , and are overpowered Every tactic needs game management when you are playing the game fully, but when you spend the amount of time testing like i do , you get to know what works and what doesnt , and believe me there are plug and play tactics that will perform better because of the formation used
  7. A new match Engine Graphical overhaul , which includes 3D players collision detection , so players actually collide with each other like in real life , fluid running not just diagonals A brand new way of showing the press stories and interaction , i'm sick of press conferences i never do them More immersion from the game , making it feel special when you win a trophy Job interviews need adjusting , sometimes managers dont need an interview they are just offered the job , if you are a top manager that has just won a champions league then clubs would offer you a job with their vision for the club going forward for you to accept or decline , not an interview that becomes a lottery as to whether you get the job or not , yes if you are a new manager with no reputation then have an interview to try and go for the job. some sort of rest function for International managers to use on players , i'm sick of being an international manager with absolutely no say on resting players between games , so by the time you get to a world cup final everyone is barely above 85% , i'm sure a real international manager has some say on Training. I dont even use training i leave it to the assistant , but at least at club level i can rest players.
  8. LOL , ok calm down, you cant say i am entitled to my opinion and then attack it like yours is the only opinion that counts , CM4 was a new vision for the whole franchise , yes it was buggy and as i said it needed fixing , but it gave us an overhaul on previous versions of CM , and playing it now would be dreadful , my point was IMO we need that kind of evolution of the game now , ive seen improvements over the years , but FM is stagnating IMO. I will still buy FM 20 , but i will never buy an FM game when it comes out again , i will leave it until the March update , its pointless creating a tactic you are happy with only to find a patch after a few weeks ruins the whole tactic
  9. To be honest i dont think ive bothered with most of the things they added last year , the training was appalling so i leave it t the assistant , the medical screen offers nothing that adding a couple of things to the squad views cant do better , my love is for the actual immersion for the game , when CM4 dropped it was huge , it was the best thing ever, it offered the biggest overhaul in immersion in FM history imo, but after all those years the game is looking and feeling tired. i hate to say it but after 20 odd years of playing FM , i'm kind of running out of faith in what we get each year , its just the same game but papering over the cracks with slightly different names for stuff , new roles just doesnt excite me at all , and the screenshots havent changed from the last few years , Club Vision looks interesting and its this stuff we need more of , i want more immersion from the game , i want the press to make it special when you win the league , in real life its spoken about for ages , in the game as soon as you finish the match it says you have won , you click continue and thats that , the game forgets , nothing more is written , the whole press stuff needs a huge shake up and improving , there needs more TV punitry where you can interact with them like in real life. The 2D bit of the game is still the best thing after all these years , i would have been content with just having that than have the 3D option tbh, the 2D graphics have more realism to them than the 3D ones imo , tactics arent great either, every year now there have been different formations that give instant success , this year it was 4-4-2 and 4-1-4-1 , and if you didnt use those formations it was a struggle to get your favourite ones to work with the same success, i test a lot of tactics over the years and all the talk of there are no plug and play tactics is BS , as long as you find the formation that the AI struggles with then you can create a tactic , go on holiday for a season and win pretty much everything , i know ive tested tactics for hour and hours , this goes back to FM 2016 i think it was where strikerless tactics became the power tactic , then it was 4-3-3 , sadly because of the AI it meant some formations were more overpowered than others , i love 4-2-3-1 and whilst you could get success it meant you were starting on the back foot when it came to a 4-4-2 or a 4-1-4-1 tactic , and i had so much hope with the new way the tactics were made this year , but it made no difference to the AI. I don't want the game harder , i just want an even playing field when to comes to formations i make , like it was when it was sliders. Personally i would give SI £10 for an official transfer update in October and carry on with FM 2019 , rather than see another game that hasnt changed very much,People are begging for a new ME so just come back in a couple of years time with a game that has been overhauled like we had with CM4 and i would be happy , even if it had bugs to start with and needed patching i wouldnt mind , CM4 started out needing huge patches but for the next 10 plus years it was fantastic, and nothing can be as bad as FM 2019 , which needed patching every other week at one stage , there has even been one this week , its September and it still needs patching , i think that has to be a first in FM history.
  10. If i know i'm staying at one club i will only load the 5 major Countries plus the smaller leagues in those countries , plus i have about 320,000 players If its a journeyman save then i might have most of Europe and a few of the other continents loaded with all the leagues, once ive managed in a Country i remove it
  11. Ive been trying to set up a custom screen for this , where is shots to goal ratio and minutes/assists in the views section ?
  12. thanks , i think it could be a decent thing to use but it needs more details and needs a bit of a overhaul , you should be able to get info on points achieved or games won/drawn/lost from different tactics used in a season . not just chances created , its a very limited analysis screen imo , we need more info as to what are tactics are achieving at any given moment so we can make adjustments and see if it works from a stat point of view
  13. Ive never bothered to look at this screen because ive never really worked out how to read the info , the main bit that i'm not sure of is the Chances Breakdown bit. How does the game work out Higher rated teams , Similar rated teams and smaller rated teams , is it by reputation of the clubs faced eg, you are a 4 star club and face a 4.5 rated club will that fall into Higher rated teams chances for and against section ?? Ive found this screen possibly the worst screen to try and get info from , in order to work out the chances for and against a team it would be helpful if it actually put those teams in a list on that screen. If someone knows 100% how the game works out what kind of team falls into the three categories then i would get closer to having workable information
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