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  1. coolestrock

    Current ability question

    Does form of a player affect the star ratings over the season ? , so if a player plays well over the season can his rating go up , and vice versa ? or has form got nothing to do with Star Ratings ?
  2. coolestrock

    Current ability question

    The star ratings have always done this on FM , you can have the same coach give you a report of say 4 stars on one screen , and you go to another and the same coach says 3.5 stars , so the player drops half a star in one click of a mouse , you begin to distrust the game How can the same Coach with a high JA and JP score give two different star reports on different screens , i even noticed it on the squad depth view , i had a player who was 4 stars , i had a look at something else, went back and he was 3.5 stars , it has to be a bug imo
  3. coolestrock

    How much does player stats matter

    Thanks , ive never really used the comparison screen in all the years ive played FM
  4. coolestrock

    How much does player stats matter

    where does it give the average though on FM 2018 (still finishing off a save) , it gives the highest average , the lowest average , the there is a line in the middle , but no actual number next to it , or is just best to try and go for the highest ?
  5. coolestrock

    How much does player stats matter

    Ive always wondered what the average attributes values are for each league , ive always gone by 16 being Prem 14 being championship etc... but as the FM moves on and gets more realistic i wondered if the attribute values for leagues have changed , is it just the important attributes on each role that need to be these values ?
  6. coolestrock

    FM19 Tactical Changes

    Thats what confused me , i noticed if i put more players to a more attacking duty then the more structured it became , i always had it in my head more attacking duties meant more fluid team shape , what ive noticed from playing half a season on the demo is i have changed the duties more often during matches on FM 2019 than i did on FM 2018
  7. coolestrock

    FM19 Tactical Changes

    Thanks guys , i got all confused mid game, i sat for about 10 minutes trying to find it , i must admit i did like the opportunity to change it myself so its a shame its gone , its going to be interesting changing the duties mid game to see what difference it makes
  8. coolestrock

    FM19 Tactical Changes

    ive just downloaded the demo , in 2018 you could go from structured to fluid but using a similar command to changing contain to overload , where is that command now ?? how do i go from a fluid shape to a structured in one instruction ?
  9. Neymar has made this Brazil team completely unlikeable for me , i would love Serbia to get a couple and knock them out
  10. coolestrock

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    we have looked nervous and dodgy at the back all game , walker isnt a center back and Maguire isnt very mobile
  11. coolestrock

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    How many yellows have panama got in this game
  12. coolestrock

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    we still look nervous at the back which is baffling
  13. coolestrock

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Overall i was fairly happy with the performance , ive seen a lot worse from England teams in recent world cups , i liked the fact we didnt give up , first half we created enough chances to put the game away from Tunisia , can we improve : yes we need to , but on the whole i came away quite positive. The Negatives were Sterling , he looked lost and off the pace , whenever he got the ball he seem to dribble into trouble and lose the ball , or his passes were misplaced , the other negative was Ali's injury , i felt he wasnt in the game in the second half and it concerned me that Southgate didnt pick up on the fact he was a passenger at times , same with his decision to leave it so long about Sterling , i would like Southgate to make quicker changes when they are needed
  14. coolestrock

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    Neville whispering commentary is pissing me off , its even rubbing off on Jonathan Pearce
  15. The scouting on FM 2018 is horrible , they took an enjoyable part of FM and made it a chore to do , far too many pages , the search system is dreadful , i think sometimes SI changes things that dont need changing for the sake of it , sadly due to the poor scouting and player search system FM 2018 isnt very good , ive played FM 2018 less than any other variant of the game