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  1. Ive only been testing tactics and i'm having a small save with Portsmouth since getting the game for Xmas , what is broken with the leagues , i was due to start up a European Journeyman type save and seeing this has got me worried , what is the problem ? i dont want to start it if something is broke
  2. I'd love to see more of this , i like reading new insights on how to play FM , hopefully you will post it
  3. So sometimes say a League 1 rated player by the coaches , could play in the Premier league if he has some good attributes for the role ?? , one thing i'm guilty of is never giving youth or lower league rated players a chance , if the coaches don't say they can play in the prem I do have a DNA screen where i have a bout 5 atts such as determination etc.. set up , and at the start of a game i want to stick by them , after a couple of losses i get a bit unsettled and only start buying/ playing higher rated players regardless of attributes , i think i don't trust my own instincts for players , often playing a team based on CA rather than form , i guess i need to get out of that habit of doing it
  4. Ive got two different saves , i use Genie Scout in one save for speed , and i have another save where i use attributes for a more in depth game What i want to know is what way is probably the best way to pick players for the first team at the start of the season with no games played ? I'm playing as Portsmouth and have got into the Championship , as an example i will use my strikers playing in a False 9 roles First way of picking could be using coach/assistant with the best JA Abraham - 4star, good player for prem - F9- competent Anichebe- 3 star ,good player for EFL - F9 -unconvincing Pitman- 2 and half star, good player for league1 F9- competent 2nd way could be using Genie scout Abraham - CA - 130 - F9 role% : 69.5 Anichebe -CA - 120 -F9 role% : 68 Pitman- CA - 105 -F9 role% :69.9 Third way could using just the important attributes for role , F9 has 9 important attributes which is used to get the average from the attributes added up Abraham : added up atts = 110 divided by 9 = 12.2 which is the average Anichebe :added up atts = 103 divided by 9 = 11.4 Pitman : Added up atts = 104 divided by 9 = 11.5 These are only examples of three ways i could pick a first 11 or even buy players for the team My question is , which is the best way to pick/buy players , genie scout , coaches , averaged attributes or is there another way someone can show me , i need advice about this
  5. cheers, i shall stop worrying now , wasnt sure if i had loaded too many players or something else wasnt right with it
  6. when i use task manager to see whats running , ive noticed next to FM its has (staging) , what is it ? , ive never noticed it on other FM's before , is it anything to be concerned about ?
  7. Does form of a player affect the star ratings over the season ? , so if a player plays well over the season can his rating go up , and vice versa ? or has form got nothing to do with Star Ratings ?
  8. The star ratings have always done this on FM , you can have the same coach give you a report of say 4 stars on one screen , and you go to another and the same coach says 3.5 stars , so the player drops half a star in one click of a mouse , you begin to distrust the game How can the same Coach with a high JA and JP score give two different star reports on different screens , i even noticed it on the squad depth view , i had a player who was 4 stars , i had a look at something else, went back and he was 3.5 stars , it has to be a bug imo
  9. Thanks , ive never really used the comparison screen in all the years ive played FM
  10. where does it give the average though on FM 2018 (still finishing off a save) , it gives the highest average , the lowest average , the there is a line in the middle , but no actual number next to it , or is just best to try and go for the highest ?
  11. Ive always wondered what the average attributes values are for each league , ive always gone by 16 being Prem 14 being championship etc... but as the FM moves on and gets more realistic i wondered if the attribute values for leagues have changed , is it just the important attributes on each role that need to be these values ?
  12. Thats what confused me , i noticed if i put more players to a more attacking duty then the more structured it became , i always had it in my head more attacking duties meant more fluid team shape , what ive noticed from playing half a season on the demo is i have changed the duties more often during matches on FM 2019 than i did on FM 2018
  13. Thanks guys , i got all confused mid game, i sat for about 10 minutes trying to find it , i must admit i did like the opportunity to change it myself so its a shame its gone , its going to be interesting changing the duties mid game to see what difference it makes
  14. ive just downloaded the demo , in 2018 you could go from structured to fluid but using a similar command to changing contain to overload , where is that command now ?? how do i go from a fluid shape to a structured in one instruction ?
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