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  1. Ive definitely had this , all the best players were out for internationals , dont know whats happened but there was no problem in FM 2018
  2. @optimusprimal82 what tactic are you using as your base tactic these days ? Is it still PrimalInstinct_451_BASE_19.3.1_v1.0 , or have you updated it , ive had great success with it , just wondered if you have updated it or are you using something new ?
  3. Thanks , ive found an online Harmonic weighted average calculator , all ive done is given the major attributes a weight of 3 and the minor ones a 1 according to the attributes FM give for the roles , however i'm not sure of the best way to give weights to the attributes tbh , therefore i'm not sure its the best way to pick a starting 11 or buying players
  4. I enjoy reading how different people play the game , my way of playing is pretty basic , even playing basic its very easy to win everything in the game though , but once you win everything it can get boring , so i tend to read pages like this because they are so interesting , i'm currently giving Optimusprimals way of playing a go because its so well written and gives me something else to to think about when buying and picking players If there are any Newbies out there or wanting a different way of playing the game during matches i can very highly recommend using his mentality guide :
  5. i agree , if attributes are combined with other attributes , then SI need to do a better job of highlighting it , they need make the attributes easier to use and whats needed to play the game easier to understand
  6. you give 2 points to the important ones and 1 point to the minor attributes according to the attributes highlighted in the game you use a weighted attribute calculator to show the weighted average score , one player has a score of 14.3 , another has 13.1 , you play the 14.3 player for that role/duty ahead of the 13.1one Rashidi knows what he is talking about , i havent got a clue, so cant put it into practice , whats the point in SI putting roles/duties and highlighting the attributes needed for those roles/duties if all of a sudden you have to add more attributes because of this and this , oh and you dont need that attribute etc... well why is it highlighted then ? , there is no point in explaining a complicated way of doing something to someone who doesnt have the same knowledge , i think a lot of people just want an easy description of playing the game tbh , when someone talks about systems etc.. i have got a clue , i just use a tactic in the game or download one
  7. The question ive always wondered is, if you have a lower motivation attribute than your assistant, then wouldnt it be best to allow your assistant to do the team talks instead of you ?
  8. would it be worth using a weighted average ? giving the important attributes a higher value than the ones that arent needed ? there is also a weighted harmonic average , would these work to find the average attribute score needed ?
  9. ive downloaded a harmonic mean Calculator , am i just putting all the attributes in for a specific role and getting the harmonic average ?? How do you use to weight systems ? i'm not using a spreadsheet or anything i would just like to know how you go about calculating it all , you mentioned the important attirbutes getting 2x and lesser important ones 1x , what does that mean ? If someone could talk me through the calculations and how to do it i would be grateful , bearing in mind i am not using a spreadsheet , i would rather write it down Using De Bruyne as an example , if i wanted to calculate him playing in a Mezzela att (highlighted) , how do i go about getting the correct Harmonic mean average using the weight system used ?
  10. i'll have to go back and look at the early fm 19 tactics see if they work again , the 19.2.1 Beowulf424knapP112 was awesome and that was before the exploit Is FMT quicker to test tactics on holiday than doing the same on the full game ?
  11. I tried it with Man City , i'm running it again to make sure , ive also run it through the testing league with sub top , and both times the results were not as good as pre 19.3 , i dont just mean the exploit , its just 19.3 seems different somehow for top teams
  12. i tested the 19.3 4231 tactic and couldnt get it to work for a top team , in fact ive tried a few new tactics and it seems that tactics for top teams struggle now for 19,3 , unless its me being paranoid was the exploit in patch 19.2.3 ? so would 19.2.2 tactics still work ?
  13. what versions are these though , which 424 Beowulf is it etc ? could you give the tactic the full title so i can download them
  14. Yeah , i was just about to post , i can go back to lazy Team Talks now
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