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  1. I will never buy Football manager at launch ever again , its pointless , i got this years in the sale at Xmas , started trying a few tactics , then the Beta patch started which means the ME will be changed again, so tactics created will have a different affect , so you have to start again , i thought its best to wait until the big patch in March/April,, sadly even now i'm not to enthusiastic , i'm still on FM 2019 , and while its not perfect it means there are no patches to disturb my save ,, what happened to the days where it came out and you made a few tactics and just played the game until the next one , it will be 8 months until the next release and i havent even bothered with this one because its not worth it. At this rate my FM cycle will be April to April instead of November to November ,, if it takes them until April to sort this game out , why not put back the realease until then , i miss the days of pre 3d match engine ,, i would rather scrap it and go back just to commentary and 2d , those days seemed to be less hassle
  2. The graphics is just a representation of the ME , so whether you work it out through stats or watching its the same thing , if anything because the graphics are limited it actually makes it look like the players are doing things worse than they are , the goal keeping especially , the keeper might make a mistake but the graphics make it look awful , i just dont trust the graphics at all , but its all about what works for different people
  3. i only ever use commentary as well ,, the best match day skin is Flut light skin , you can arrange it so it has a lot of info so you can judge the game , the match stats are so much better that the pathetic offering of the default skin , as i tend to judge the game from shots and shots on and off target following a mentality guide Speed i tend to have the between text on its max , and when the text is on i have that a couple of clicks slower , hen you get used to the mentality guide thats out there you dont really need to watch the games
  4. Looks good , its an excellent guide I havent started a proper save yet on 2020 , have you used it on 2020 and does it still work the same ?
  5. Whats happened to the teamtalks again , every game the assistant say "do it for the fans" both before the game and at half time ,, this bug happened in FM 2019 , have they just copied the same code and forgot to add the fix they put in ??
  6. Is Fm20 still behaving in th same way fm19 does in regards to the mentality , your mentality guide is still one of the best help guides anyone has ever posted for FM. Will you post another one for FM20 with the tweaks , or do we still go with the FM19 guide ?
  7. how exciting another thing i will leave to the assistant
  8. any new features announced yet or is that it , i just hope they are saving the best ones till last otherwise i'll be disappointed tbh
  9. yep , this would go a long way to making it look realistic , the way the ball bounces off players is very odd and the fact they cant actually have any kind of tackles or bumping into each other is a bit poor for 2019
  10. Ahhhhh , the old dont play the game crap comes out , its a bit like telling a mentally ill person to kill themselves because you cant be arsed to listen to problems and everything is fine with your life , the fact that RB makes excellent points and has a passion for the game is the reason the powers that be should be listening , then we wouldnt get the same game every year with a few new things that after a month you realise have no real impact on the actual game.
  11. if you test the tactics as much as people do then you will find a formation that takes advantage of the AI , strikerless was well known , and yes you might have to play around with roles but that was because some of the roles worked better than others , one year every successful tactic tested had inverted wing backs, there are people who make Tactic testing websites and list the successful ones , one glance and you see that the top ones are the same formation , FM 2019 has two , download one of these and your team can go from a relegation battle at Xmas to being close to a European finish , i know because ive tested tactics for hours as i find it interesting , so to deny any knowledge of power formations is one of the reasons there are powered formations in the game , developers cant keep sticking their fingers in their ears hoping they dont hear these things.
  12. i'm in tactic testing discord group where tactics are spoken about at length , formations and tactics are tested and discussed , and there are formations that are more adept at beating the AI , and are overpowered Every tactic needs game management when you are playing the game fully, but when you spend the amount of time testing like i do , you get to know what works and what doesnt , and believe me there are plug and play tactics that will perform better because of the formation used
  13. A new match Engine Graphical overhaul , which includes 3D players collision detection , so players actually collide with each other like in real life , fluid running not just diagonals A brand new way of showing the press stories and interaction , i'm sick of press conferences i never do them More immersion from the game , making it feel special when you win a trophy Job interviews need adjusting , sometimes managers dont need an interview they are just offered the job , if you are a top manager that has just won a champions league then clubs would offer you a job with their vision for the club going forward for you to accept or decline , not an interview that becomes a lottery as to whether you get the job or not , yes if you are a new manager with no reputation then have an interview to try and go for the job. some sort of rest function for International managers to use on players , i'm sick of being an international manager with absolutely no say on resting players between games , so by the time you get to a world cup final everyone is barely above 85% , i'm sure a real international manager has some say on Training. I dont even use training i leave it to the assistant , but at least at club level i can rest players.
  14. LOL , ok calm down, you cant say i am entitled to my opinion and then attack it like yours is the only opinion that counts , CM4 was a new vision for the whole franchise , yes it was buggy and as i said it needed fixing , but it gave us an overhaul on previous versions of CM , and playing it now would be dreadful , my point was IMO we need that kind of evolution of the game now , ive seen improvements over the years , but FM is stagnating IMO. I will still buy FM 20 , but i will never buy an FM game when it comes out again , i will leave it until the March update , its pointless creating a tactic you are happy with only to find a patch after a few weeks ruins the whole tactic
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