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  1. Hi Ben, I've uploaded David McCallum - Rangers.fm David McCallum - Rangers (v02).fm David McCallum - Rangers (v03).fm The rolling saves are the best I can do in regards for his career, hope that is still useful. David
  2. Oh and pro-tip to anyone watching, Sign Robby McCrorie!
  3. Having an issue with this player's value. As you can see he has become a top class GK, capped at international level and has great stats, however, his value has never changed, I even tried giving him a 5 year deal to see if that would help, but he is still very under value. It's annoying because Man City are putting in bids of like 3/400k and unsettling him.
  4. I don't want to bash the new ME too much, I think there have definitely been improvements, however, one thing that keeps bugging me is wingers and full-backs almost never Squaring it when in wide positions or when getting to the byline, they almost always pass it back the way or just shoot, very rarely do I every see crosses or whipped balls, regardless of the instructions I give. I am playing an attacking wide formation with attacking wing-backs over lapping and hoped to see more squared balls and crosses. Anyone else noticing this?
  5. Trying to stop celitc winning the league when they get 6 penalties in 1 game. 26 penalties in 29 games...
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