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  1. Managed to get Limerick promoted. Finished 2nd to Drogheda, who were undefeated all season. I finished 3 points behind them. Defeated Finn Harps in the promotion series. I now actually have a bit more money. 890K to spend on wages. A huge boost from the 30-odd thousand I had for the opening season in Div 1. It has now ticked over to Jan 1 2020 in the game though, and it looks like semi-pro status of the club has not been upgraded, which is deflating.
  2. Bugger. Hopefully things go differently with Limerick here. So far so good. I am two games in so far, and two wins. I spent just about a week in real time developing the squad during pre-season, playing extra friendlies to quickly get a sense of all my trialists and who was gonna cut the mustard. The most in depth pre-season I've ever partaken in.
  3. I took the plunge with Limerick. Never have I seen anything quite like it. You start with no players, no backroom, and next to no money. I have spent the entire pre-season (Jan-Feb 2019 in FM2020) trialing over 150 different players. The most difficult part to begin with was having no 'advice' set on realistic signings for staff or players. I simply had to pluck back room staff based on a rough estimation of the level/stats (eg. I eliminated all high stat staff) and they were always unemployed people. Have managed to recruit a squad gradually including some youth backups, but I'm over my wage budget by £100K. The wage bill allowed to be was £28K. That is despite the fact that 3/4 of my squad are on non-contract deals and just receiving match payments. One game into the season so far, playing with two variations of a 4-1-2-3. Won the first game away at Shelbourne. This is one heck of a challenge, I love it.
  4. Apologies if this is the wrong thread, but can't training schedules be imported for semi-pro teams? Every time I load a schedule, it will not save and become available in the training calendar under Custom Schedules.
  5. Did you end up pursuing this? I just started a save in Ireland and saw that Limerick had no players or staff. Took it as a great challenge. Have just started it now, and can't seem to sign anyone. Would be interested to know how you went.
  6. Ola Toivonen's first season at the Melbourne Victory, which was 2018/19, appears to be missing from his history.
  7. Very curious about the A-League independence that is happening next season. I'm still just in pre-season in my current save, but has anyone seen if this has been programmed in? If so - what is it like?
  8. As mentioned here I just think it's messy. The NPL side and the youth side are one in the same, it's just that they play in different comps at different times of the year.
  9. Keen to get some thoughts on this from fellow A-League FMers. And perhaps see if anything can be done from the folks here at SI. The NPL squad and youth team situation seems a tad cumbersome. The NPL clubs are listed as an affiliate in FM2020, but they are part of the actual A-League club, not an affiliate. The NPL side and youth side, should in effect be the same 'club' or entity. One (the NPL side) plays in the winter months (A-League off-season), the other plays 10 or so games concurrently during the A-League season (National Youth League - NYL). Also the 'B-sqaud' that seems present when you filter on the squad page is odd. There is no B-squad. There's just the youth/NPL side - which should just be one page, that simply plays in two different competitions (NPL and NYL) at different times during a calendar year. Not sure if anything can actually be done about this, but it grinds my gears. Yes the NPL manager manages the squad, but ultimately the A-League manager is in charge of these players. Yet they are disconnected somewhat by being at an 'affiliate'.
  10. Noah Botic doesn't seem to be in the game.
  11. Macarthur FC are active in transfer activity during the opening season. I received a loan offer from them for one of my players. They aren't actually an entity yet, nor do they have a squad. I get that this is a tricky thing to program in, as they will have to artfully assemble an entire A-League squad for the 2nd season.
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