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  1. Hopefully the below description makes sense, please reach out for clarifications if needed. If this is in the wrong section, sorry! *Suspected bug in Match Analysis > Foul > Foul-Penalty not displaying for three penalties awarded. During half time/end of game analysis window the following appears: Half time analysis shows foul committed, does not list it as foul leading to penalty in the Foul-Penalty window, just lists it as foul. **Also, why can I not view the analysis tab at any time? It seems only available during half/full time, which is understandable. The issue for me is
  2. Rashidi, sir, first, I love all your work and content that you've put out for FM and its community. I've followed you for many years. But surely at some point even you need to say enough is enough. I understand you probably have ambitions to work with SI, or if you already do but surely you also notice a pattern? I give them a pass once in 2017, pass in 2018, 2019, 2020, but now? Each year the features presented are decreasing in quality. I'm glad to see improvement in some areas. However, what's more concerning is neglecting existing issues for years without paying any attention to criti
  3. When the 5 min video claims that what is shown are the main "headline" features it's quite clear what the priorities are. If you did major work to overhaul the gameplay wouldn't you be proud to show it off right away?
  4. Ok this is going to sound harsh but please hear me out.. These new reskin "headline" features are a slap to the face to your fanbase. The audacity to claim these as an improvement is absolutely disgraceful. The constant excuses are so obvious, "oh it's because everyone still runs core 2 duos from 2004 so we have to support them", "oh it's not the final version mate, wait a bit longer", "oh we do listen to feedback, and this is what people want", "oh it's because corona", "oh just wait for another video to showcase 'new' stuff", "oh the winter patch will fix this issue". I could go o
  5. Just don't use the exploit? It's up to you whether you want to cheat in a single player game, just like you can use the editor the same way.
  6. I just started a season with Liverpool as a test run. I don't see the same issues in Liverpool Premier League compared to my lower league save in Vanarama South as Oxford City. Which makes sense, however, even at that level I should not see so many missed chances. In the liverpool saves the gameplay is much more attractive and players do what I tell them to do; they finish 1v1, square the ball, cross the ball, defend better.. Again, it makes sense because player skill is better, but does this mean lower league saves are just not worth playing anymore? Since your screenshot is with Barcelona it
  7. In this game perhaps you could interpret the goalkeeper being overpowered. 9 clear cut chances and more shots on target that were either saved by the post, missed or saved by the goalkeeper. I am seeing the same pattern game after game and I am about halfway through the season. EDIT: after starting a test save with Liverpool in premier league I suspect the issues may be limited to Lower League saves? Will do more testing to see further.So far in premier league I see good teamwork, crossing, squaring the ball, finishing good 1v1 chances, generally better more attractive football. It
  8. 9 clear cut chances and a lot more shots on target, none were scored. This happens game after game for me, very frustrating. Slough v Oxford City.pkm
  9. It feels the same as before. The only "through balls" are long passes over the top, usually from some defender with poor passing. You'd think that's good and creates chances right? But no, because in every game the goalkeeper will make an amazing save or the forward will just strike right at the goalkeeper and it's saved. In this game I had 9 clear cut chances, many of which I interpret as 1v1 and none were put away. And all were boring ball over the top, which is not what I asked my team to do in instructions. To add insult to injury the last 1v1 hit the post. It's absolutely absurd.
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