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  1. Hi, Unfortunately I deleted the hair directory under the facegen folder in data. Does anyone kmow where i can download this? Or how to reinstall with steam without downloading the whole game again? Thanks
  2. Foreign Club based in english leagues

    You should try adding Jamaica as part of the EU...
  3. Im trying to create a Jamaican based football club to play in Blue Square North. I want all the regens to come through to be Jamaican, but the problem is that they all need work permits when they arrive. Is there a way around this? possibly give them all a second nationality? Can they play u18 / reserve games without a work permit??
  4. Thanks fo the assitance guys. I will try these ideas and feedback the results
  5. Hi guys, I am playing with Lyon and have created a fairly successful tactic but recently having gripes that I am winning by the odd goal or two and i can have up to 70% posession and 25+ shots per game but very little or no clear cut chances. Do you have any idea what instructions could be used. Screenshots below: http://img521.imageshack.us/g/tactic1a.jpg/
  6. Started using this as Wigan Beat Stoke 3-0 and Tottenham 2-0 away. i like the style. Rodallega is surprisingly good as a target man - lisandro lopez would be good there.
  7. Paying to work?!

    no its minus £1
  8. No pictures showing

    i'm having exactly the same problem but these dont seem to help
  9. Problems with images

    could really do with some help as its now doing my head in
  10. Problems with images

    Yes unfortunately that isnt problem. thanks though. where are the logo's etc kept?
  11. Had a quick search and couldnt find a solution. Basically, as you can see from the images are not showing. Particularly club logos both on the main screen and calender at the top. It also doesnt show the little shirt icons on the tactics screen which is quite annoying. I have installed and activated via Steam.
  12. york's great!!! love it here. better still, enter the club competition to win fm09, they do it every year and i'm sure there are more copies to be won than people who enter!