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  1. Unfortunately i have some external databases in the game, so i guess that might be the problem?
  2. So i got an interview at AA Gent, and i agreed to join at the end of the season. I then got offered the job, but i cant accept the contract. I see no confirmation and i can continue the game as normal
  3. Does anyone know of a French lower league DB (at least tier 6), as there are a few bugs in @Timo61 database?
  4. The mentoring group is like a squad view. It does not let me add players to the group
  5. Jordan Zemura the bournemouth player should also be Zimbabwean in game
  6. I have a bizarre problem. On certain pages, the logos for custom teams and Brazillian teams the logos don't show up.
  7. I have tried many different logo packs and Clearing Cache But the brazilian logos dont work
  8. Determination is missing on the player page in danish. Its normally called Målrettethed or something like that.
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