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  1. Hi Neil, Thanks, I have tried these options before without any luck. However, after your message i tried again, and found out that AMD Radeon has released an update yesterday (04/11/2019) Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.11.1 . After updating that, i feel the game's 3D engine is performing well on medium level. But the rating of my pc 3D quality is still one Star.
  2. Hi, FM2020 3D graphics performance is very low in my PC. (one star at graphics quality). I have played FM18, F19, graphics rating was always 5 stars on the same pc. all of them brought through steam netrowk. My PC configuration, Dell Inspiron 5567 Intel Core i5-7200U Radeon R7 M445 8GB RAM and 4GD dedicated GPU memory. This configuration meets the requirements of the game. however, 3D match engine is lagging a lot. even the game stimulation is vert very slow (with small database of 23k players). Can anyone suggest, that this is a problem or i need to buy new alienware :-).
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