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  1. It was present, it was just stuck on the 'red mode'. That one time is the only time I've seen it happen though so maybe it was more an issue with my PC, it's hard to know lol
  2. Got it again on 16/3/20 in game https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TDTiY2rvNmV8DFAdrYoeJuEjiwceJ1GS/view?usp=sharing Drive link with a slightly more recent save
  3. I think I've been asked it twice and it looks like the most recent time was on 18/1/20 in game
  4. Uploaded it to google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L6R-TfJQS6O3qxcVsCuwaAEFIqF6e4IH/view?usp=sharing That's the earliest save I have so hopefully it's early enough but I'm not 100% sure
  5. Jamie Paterson is currently out on loan for me and I had a question about him in a press conference, but it wasn't a question about his loan - it was a question that you'd normally get asked about your own player (regarding distance covered per 90 minutes) and all the responses only really made sense in the case that he was my own player.
  6. So is Han-Noah Massengo of Bristol City even though in real life he's brown with a massive afro haha
  7. I can't remember exactly the process I went through but I think when I changed a player's contract length (in contract renewal negotiations) from 3 years to 7 months, the Top Division Wage Rise (which was already there as the agent had suggested it) obviously went red due to the contract not being long enough, but I was unable to remove it from negotiations at this stage. Managed to fix it by clicking off and back onto the contract though. Also, whilst you're here, being able to flick between the Existing Contract and Current Contract to compare them was so much easier and faster last year, and it's really fiddly in FM20 I find.
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