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  1. Game: FM21, alway playing the newest Type of Game: Preferably career Age: 27 Timezone: GMT +1 When can you play: Monday-Thursday 8am-12am, Friday all day, saturday sunday all day but not all days... Steam Username: Mantequilla I speak english, german and swiss german. As i often would be able to play in the morning I could maybe play with peole who play evenings in other time-zones.
  2. I recently lost a game due to conceding a late goal which in itself is a bit frustrating. More frustrating was how it came to the goal. When the highlight startet I noticed one of my CD beeing treatet on the side. Now i had just one CD left on the pitch and my team just left a hole in defense lining up in a 3-3-3 with a huge gape which was exposed on the counter. Would it be possible to either have one of the midfielders drop into defense when a defender is treatet automatically? Or make it possible to implement a possibility where i can set up a standart formation for 10 players it changes to when a player is treatet or sent off? In real life teams train how to play with one man less as well.
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