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  1. This is my fear of dynamics and why I'm waiting until the release patch before I start a real game. I tend to keep a fairly big squad and there is always someone who isn't getting the playing time they want. Before it never really affected anything, now you seem to instantly lose the whole locker room
  2. Yeah, ill be moving to the north so I don't have to play against them. Possibly Shaw Lane or Farsley Looking forward to seeing the stories getting started this year. May try and actively document my progress again this year to keep me motivated
  3. I haven't posted much this season, but hopefully will have an end of season update when I get there. I was looking for a new scout when I found a name a lot of old timers in here will remember. It was a bit bittersweet as he finally hung up his boots in order to sign with me. @Jimbokav1971 , this ones for you buddy. Over a decade later, and hes still fantastic for the challenge Super Kyle Returns!
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