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  1. This is my fear of dynamics and why I'm waiting until the release patch before I start a real game. I tend to keep a fairly big squad and there is always someone who isn't getting the playing time they want. Before it never really affected anything, now you seem to instantly lose the whole locker room
  2. Yeah, ill be moving to the north so I don't have to play against them. Possibly Shaw Lane or Farsley Looking forward to seeing the stories getting started this year. May try and actively document my progress again this year to keep me motivated
  3. I haven't posted much this season, but hopefully will have an end of season update when I get there. I was looking for a new scout when I found a name a lot of old timers in here will remember. It was a bit bittersweet as he finally hung up his boots in order to sign with me. @Jimbokav1971 , this ones for you buddy. Over a decade later, and hes still fantastic for the challenge Super Kyle Returns!
  4. Just another possibility, but do you have a deadline set? I've found when multiple parties are interested, if you set a deadline they will auto-reject it. If you don't they may accept the bid a day or so later (or same day on deadline day). Also as others have mentioned, the AI prefers up front cash, and you can usually shave quite a bit off fees if you can offer it all up front vs multiple year payments.
  5. Given the solid visible mental & physicals of our player as well as the fact he did well in a recent ingame tournament, what makes you think that in 3-4 years he is unlikely to progress behind his current ability (using only ingame tools)? Also, out of curiosity, how does the AI see your above player?
  6. Actually, he didn't miss anything at all. Each player was actually 100% explained in how the game sees them and why nothing happened. @Alex, I think the real problem is the lack of a normal user being able to see the information you get. Instead of us hating the player who refuses to go on loan/transfer outside of the current division, we only see no interest. In the case of the clubs being interested but unable to afford the player (no remaining transfer budget), we can typically see that in the no interest news item. Perhaps on the screen when we offer the player out there could be a line from the agent indicating he is only interested in joining premiership clubs? I can understand not wanting to have us accept hundreds of bids from "interested" (The ones HuddersfieldOwl is saying would want him) AI clubs and then get a whole bunch more messages about him rejecting all of them, but a single message indication it is the players decision would be nice.
  7. edit: I failed to see the part about not being able to offer 0. That part sounds like a bug
  8. @rGade - you are not the only one struggling to defend for sure. Late goals and goals from corners have been a very common complaint in the chat. Corner defense on default settings seems really bad this year, but it can be dramatically improved by changing a few of the marking settings in the set piece wizard. There are a couple different solutions people have found here and I'm not sure how much detail you want, but altering these slightly can make a big difference. Feel free to hop on chat or google/forum search on here for corner tactics if you prefer more detailed settings people are using.
  9. Yep, that is the good old US localization. They might as well call it Head Coach 15 over here as that is what it always replaces manager with. The first thing I always do is switch my preferences to English (UK) so as not to drive myself crazy
  10. Holiday Man was doing such a great job at being unemployed (and I couldn't get the team I wanted) that he was persuaded to stay on for another season. Thanks to G_D_K for the suggestion in Dafuges Challenge 12 Steam Chat! Pretty sure starting in 2016 instead of 2015 is allowed, but let me know if it is not. Quavis takes over at Chippenham Town Profile Information
  11. @BigVanVader - congrats on the U-18 title. Did you sign anyone specifically for the U-18s or were they just the reserve/youth intake?
  12. @MikaelS - Good to see you back again this year. Just getting chippenham seems to be about half the challenge! @jsar - I was hoping you'd get lucky lol. 3 days of nada for me, herefod is just ruining it! took a bit of a reloading break on sunday to try and get a bit of gameplay in. Will be back to reloading after work tonight.
  13. to be fair, it was before you had established yourself with the club... I think you had only been there for like 20+ years and had the stadium named after you.... ah good old FM07
  14. @dafuge - is hereford even elegible for the challenge this year? It looks like they were in the VC last year, but were expelled. They look to have skipped the VCN/S and gone straight to the Southern Premier League this year (and are unplayable at the games start as a result). Its an intreging story, though it would probably be a much easier game. they obviously have a high reputation and are already a professional team. I checked the finances and it doesn't look like their financial troubles are replicated in FM, so that wouldn't be balancing the difficulty either. edit: holy cow, just did some further looking and they start with 116k transfer budget and 18k wage budget (13k current wages) and a stacked squad. I personally cant start with this and feel bad for anyone who has to play in the north now. While im sure they will get absolutely hammered financially and may loose points due to that, i cant see this squad not finishing champions even under AI control.
  15. Its going to be fun getting them up this year for sure... Dorchester &/or hereford (moves to VCN) seem like they are really high rep and get promoted out of the southern premier league every reload. Did a bit of googling and Hereford were in League 1 in 2008-2009 o.O They have been struggling in recent years due to massivel financial debt (1.3m rumored). Apparently that trouble still continues and they are currently 17th in the table (not sure if the financial trouble is replicated in FM). If it turns out to be impossible due to reputations to get chippenham, I might take herefor on as a lower league Nottingham Forest type adventure. Dorchester were just relegated from conference south, so their higher reputation makes sense as well.
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