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  1. I think you might be right generally speaking but I actually paid him 60m 5 seasons ago, when he was 20-21, so not sure if that's the case (see screenshot). His value climbed year after year since then and has been +100 for at least two-three seasons. I'm trying to sell him to make money since he's contract will run out this season. I keep adjusting the asking price to what the value is since I guess no team will spend 120 when his value is only 80? But maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way then? What do you use as an indicator when selling players?
  2. What's going on here! My 26 year old elite attacking midfielder lost 30% of his value over just 5 months? He lost about 4 points spread across all skills (most of them irrelevant, like "long throws") and that results in a -30% value? Something started looking shady so I started taking screenshots, you'll have to click and scroll through the images to be able to make something out - the date is in the top right corner, the value in the middle.
  3. thanks, and then? where do I put it on my ipad? I mean, which folder? Sorry for not getting it but I need to know before I buy the game a second time..
  4. They also need to fix the ridiculous contract requests that players make after some seasons. I'm basically forced to do a sale on all my top players after 3-4 seasons.
  5. But what about FMT save on Mac to FMT on iPad? Are there any step-by-step instructions on how to do it?
  6. Here's a screenshot after I won 7-0 against Ajax in the Champions League. Every Ajax player is above 6 in the ratings, even the goalie that conceded 7 goals with only 8 shots on target
  7. It works now - no idea why, I had internet connection then as I do now.
  8. Hi, I can't access the downloads screen from within the game. Current version is 20.1.4-1318685
  9. Hi, thx for getting back so quickly, but I'm not sure I get it. I have FMT on my macbook, what do I need to do to play a save on my iPad: - buy a copy/install FMT also on my ipad. - copy the save file manually from my mac to the ipad? If yes, where do I find the save file on the mac and where do I copy it to on the ipad? Anything else?
  10. Sorry, does this mean I could also take a save from FMT for Mac and manually put it in on my iPad with FMT and continue the game? (basically a manual cross save?) If yes, is there a guide on how to do it?
  11. I think something's off with the ratings players get during the games. No matter the score no player gets ratings that are below 6, not even in edge cases where you either win or lose by many goals, making those ratings basically unnecessary. Has anyone ever seen a below 6 in game rating?
  12. Disappointing, especially if this feature works on FMT19.
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