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  1. I'm gonna skip the next release. I'm not going to support a company that maintains games for 6 months. It's almost better you don't release anything for iOS next year, instead of abandoning a buggy game.
  2. Hi Neil, could you clarify what the second sentence? do "further updates" also include bug fixes? Thanks
  3. I think on top of what you wrote, the magical word this year was "streamline" vs. in most cases based on the comments on the forum meant "fixing what wasn't broken", like contracts.. which now means that people have to go and ask for them again.
  4. Hi, Apologies in advance but this rant but as an iOS user on Ipad I feel quite let down this year. - Could I play the game? Sure. - Is it enjoyable? Certainly not - a quick look in the bugs section shows that bugs have either taken months to fix (quicklinks one), are still open after a couple of months (youth intake, sorting columns), etc.. And now I see that there's a "get up to 35% off Football Manager 2021" offer? What a slap in the face. I paid the full price and still can't really play it, but that's on me. Being told that bugs are been worked on but not seeing th
  5. bringing this one on top again - it's been a month and still no fix. Honestly (and unfortunately) I have been able to play the game on my ipad for 1 month since it came out - first it took months to fix the "click on linked names" bug and now this one - these just take the fun out of it completely, small things that have a major impact on my playing experience. --- EDIT: still broken - I installed the patch that's out since today but the bug is still there, I tried sorting on any column with the apple pen and my finger and of about 20 touches only 8 or so worked. Or rather, on t
  6. agreed.. it's been 2 weeks and it's literally the one thing that is preventing me from playing the game.
  7. no, you're not the only one - just to save you some time, here's the answers you'll typically get: - submit it as a feature request and it might be taken into account for next year. - the game has to run on lower-spec/older devices, hence the limitation. Have a good day!
  8. Hi, thanks for the update! Out of curiosity, what's the rationale behind having lower division clubs having less youth players? Is that how it actually is in reality too (I honestly don't know).
  9. not only that but clicking on the column headers sometimes expands/shrinks the columns unnecessarily, making it so that I have to shift/scroll horizontally within the box to see everything - really makes the game unusable.
  10. yes, it will impact the number of available players as in you won't have full squads for the leagues/sub-leagues that you don't select.
  11. I just tried in FM21 touch on ipad: if you simlate a game you can NOT see the highlights afterwards.
  12. I have started a save with only the Italian Seria A and B. I am in the 2026-2027 season and the database size is just ridiculously small. Using the latest update. Apart from Italy: - No team in Europe has "active" players under 24. Either the team has no player younger than 24 at all or they are greyed out. - No other national team has U19/20/21/23 players, except if they play in Italy. Makes the game unplayable since I basically can't buy young players from any other league than Italy. Does anyone else have this? Is it a bug or an effect of the streamlining? Addi
  13. 1. where I am now I don't have unlimited internet 2. the thread is still flagged as “under review”
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