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  1. My club had a presidential election in which the chairman decided not to run for a second term so a new chairman was elected. When that happened, the club vision feature reverted to what it is at the beginning which makes sense because the chairman hasn't worked with me yet. However, it also gets rid of the fans' reactions to my transfers which makes no sense as their opinions have nothing to do with who the chairman is.
  2. I really like this idea. Even if you, as the manager, don't get to make the decision, it would be cool to have the owners vote on league rule changes. When the vote occurs, you could discuss the club's decision with the owner and try to convince them to cast their vote one way or another, just like in a board request.
  3. This is a smaller request and I believe it could be easily implemented. In real life, VAR decisions take a long time and are very suspenseful for the fans, players, and managers. Meanwhile, in football manager, VAR decisions are very predictable to the point that I almost always know what the decision will be. When a goal is scored that is going to ruled out by VAR, I instantly know it won't stand because the top of the screen doesn't show the name of the goal scorer as it normally does. I don't even get to celebrate the goal for an instant before I realize it is disallowed. When the referee stops the match while the ball is still in play to review for a penalty, a penalty is always given. If the referee waits for the ball to go out of bounds and then checks, no penalty is given. Obviously I'm not asking for the process to be lengthened because no one wants to be sitting there for multiple minutes while the referee checks VAR. However, I believe there are a few easy changes that could be made to improve VAR on FM. For starters, having the goal scorer's name pop up on the top of the screen on a goal that will eventually be disallowed would be a great feature. Similarly, it would be cool to see more goals that are actually valid to be checked by VAR so that you are kept in suspense. Finally, for penalties, I think it would be sensible to have all penalties to be checked after the ball goes out of play instead of right after the incident occurs. Overall, I like that VAR exists in the game but I just wish there was some suspense like there is in real life.
  4. Something that exists in real football but not in the game is the action of players trying to hold the ball in the corner at the end of the game. It would be nice to have a button in the team instructions screen that instructed your players to hold the ball in the corner.
  5. This is something I've generally noticed. When I send my goalkeeper forward for a corner at the end of the game and the ball is cleared towards them, instead of going for the ball, they will just blindly run back towards the goal without any regard for where the ball is.
  6. This went in my favor so I'll take it but just wanted to report it either way. I scored a goal that was blatantly offsides but was allowed to count. The game may not have registered the previous player's touch even though he deliberately played the ball. The goal I am referring to is the Wigan equalizer. Wigan v Tottenham.pkm
  7. This is the pkm. The incident happens in the 19th minute. Wigan v Newcastle.pkm
  8. I had a shot that was clearly going in from a corner and my player, who was standing near the goal line, purposely ran to the ball so he could pass the ball back out to the corner taker and stop the goal.
  9. The same thing happened to me in the same stadium! It seems to be a problem with Pyramids.
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