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  1. Yeah I'm simulating some games to see if its consistent but for my first season league average was pretty low...
  2. I don't know if its just me but strikers and forwards (aml amr's) scoring lot less than average in real life, I have game with 30+ leagues selected with full detail and at the end of first season I checked most of the top goalscorer awards from those leagues. All of them have %40+ less goal than recent seasons trend. Same thing going with my attacking players too, I evolved my tactic relying on long shots and set pieces at the end but I really want to see some forward goals. Even best players around the world scoring muuuuch less than their actual stats...
  3. I started a manager with no licence and 19 level of discipline, after some courses I noticed my level is 21, is that even possible? (Sorry for the quality btw it looks fine on my pc but when I upload it looks a little blurry...) Edit: Tried to upload it on different skin...
  4. Here's one example ended up conceding goal on my side:
  5. Can you include new kit sponsorship for Fenerbahçe for next patch? It's a 1+1 deal with 35.500.000 TL per annum. Here's the official source: https://www.kap.org.tr/tr/Bildirim/714770
  6. I'm a huge fan of this game and I have been "buying" it since they changed their name CM to FM, believe me I really wanna see this game gets improved in every single way so I'm just telling my disappointment. Also there is no need for continuing this debate, as i said i had to tell my disappointment, no need to use this threat for rest of it...
  7. If all of these are true do we even have research team on Turkey?.. So many mistakes... As I said I presume all of these are true, it might not be the case... But if its true I have to say its a shame, FM series are really popular in Turkey and SI increased its price by 50% last month and released it with major bugs affecting Turkey. I wonder if that squad selection bug was on Premier League or something, would we get hotfix early friday or not?..
  8. Will we get hotfix soon or we gonna wait for full release? Because... I mean i pre-ordered this game to play earlier with my favourite team in Turkish League and because of this problem I cannot play right now...
  9. Does high tempo means quicker passing or it means how fast you deliver ball into attacking third?
  10. Yeah it sounds weird but worked for me at least. Especially I had 2 Raumdeuter's which they were main source of my goals. My AML scored 41 goals in 32 games! It was pretty impressive for me I have to say...
  11. I had some success with 4-6-0 defensive tactic. 3 league, 2 domestic cup, 2 champions league quarter final and 1 semi final with Fenerbahçe in 3 seasons. It was direct passing tactic with high tempo, now I'm working on possession based defensive tactic I hope it works...
  12. I think its worth to raise as a bug. I had Buffon and 19 years old keeper, I wanted Buffon to share his experience but I got the message same as you, makes no sense...
  13. Great thread mate, I was working on a counter system for a while and this guide looks like what I was looking for... Especially DF role work wonders for me, now looking for 'Tireless' striker to disrupt opposition build-up!
  14. Is there a big difference between an AMC Trequartista and ST Trequartista, I'm not sure since Tre roams around and moves into channels?
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