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  1. I sent in a bug report in FM23 as Oldhams kits weren't working properly and they only fielded the home kit (I was planning on a long term save with them). They looked at it and told me to "wait until the next release as it's not a priority", this was in May btw. Don't expect small things to be fixed unless it's "a priority", this company don't care about customer satisfaction and won't fix bugs that are glaring mid-way through a cycle unless it's absolutely gamebreaking.
  2. I remember reading this post you made, and well you were proven 100% right. I have no hope for FM25 too, and why should I?
  3. No changes to the ME at all for this main data update is WILD. Gotta focus all the energy on FM25 though aye... SI always find new ways to shock us in a negative manner.
  4. Am I the only one that thinks that SIs communication policy is terrible and works in ways other dev teams just don't? It's the 23rd of February and there has not been a single word on the Winter Update, what they want to change, when will it be out (approx). The last update (only a minor one) was the beginning of December, this game has a 12 month cycle... It really baffles me to how two FMs ago the Winter Update was already out by now and two years later it's the same time and nothing, not even communication. It just seems to get worse every year at this stage. For the life of me I can't understand why a dev team don't communicate directly to their consumer, it's just "here it is, we did this, see you in 7 months". If anybody can tell me another dev team that works like that then I will be surprised...
  5. Laughable isn't it? A football management simulator and a KEY aspect like scouting is broken 4 months into a 12 month cycle... And many more aspects (interactions particularly) are also broken for the most part...
  6. I have this issue. It happens when you schedule a game for the II team and u19s etc on the same day and the inbox message selection screen comes up and both are together. You can click the first one but if you click the 2nd straight after, it will stutter or freeze and you'll have to back out of the inbox. You can use the spacebar to kind of override this problem but it still stutters for a couple of seconds. @Zachary Whyte
  7. Yeah I'm in my 5th season, I've won the UEL and my team is incredible, I also have the best regen wonderkid in the game, so the context is based on that.
  8. What on earth have SI done to the ME with this patch? My Lyon side have gone from averaging 4 goals a game pre patch with really fluid attacking phases, to drawing every other game and when I do win it's a stalemate or a couple of early goals and then nothing. I liked the ME before, it felt more alive. It feels like it's been nullified. I can see this is to combat the amount of goals going in but you have just made the ME tame rather than doing anything to actually fix the problems with the defending because I'm still conceding bs goals from mistakes of all sorts and giving away loads of pens. Very disappointing once again, SI try to fix something and break something else in the process.
  9. There goes my immersion for my save. I got Newgan Manager for first time last week and was enjoying it so much. No all the faces are gone because of SIs incompetence. Ridiculous. I can't play on until I know it either can't be fixed or is fixed
  10. Also the problem with a player asking for a new contract after one year into a 5 year deal, and a pay rise... Wage demands are ridiculous at the top level
  11. I got similar with Technical Director wages increase proposal at end of 2nd season with Lyon after finishing 2nd in Ligue 1 and winning the Europa League. Not youth facilities proposal, training facilities or more transfer budget etc. But that....
  12. I combated this by downloading the Newgen Revolution V5 pack from FM Scout and following the instructions to add the AI faces to replace the regens. But to overwrite the mixed up player ID you gotta add that players new face straight into the cut out facepack (or whatever facepack you use). The fact I had to do all this though to fix it myself with help from the community shows how lacklustre SI in certain areas of the game. Ridiculous that it hasnt even been addressed yet...
  13. Has this been addressed yet in the new update? It's quite a jarring bug for people who use custom facepacks
  14. The J League licensing debacle along with so many issues that are here on FULL RELEASE are giving me very low faith in SI for yet another year. Unacceptable stuff, we shouldn't be lied to and have to wait possibly weeks for a patch for a full release game. I honestly don't know what other gaming company that operate like SI do, it's baffling.
  15. The one thing with this game, even on full release that is grinding my gears is the clinicalness of the AI. It doesn't matter what team you play, elite or amateur, if the AI get even a small bit of momentum they will more often then not score, often with their first shot on target and way too often do they finish the game scoring most if not all their shots on target. It happens way too frequently and if its not addressed in some way to try and balance the game it will be game breaking for many people.
  16. I have a Lenovo PC and Nvidia high end graphics card with all the new drivers downloaded and it's still choppy every so often. It doesn't matter what machine you have, it will occasionally stutter. The ME is just terribly optimised, it doesn't know whether you are playing on a toaster or a supercomputer.
  17. Bit late to the party here but this will be my last save of FM23... Thanks for the inspiration. Save looks really cool and right down my alley...
  18. @Zachary Whyte Thank you for the response. Very dissapointing news. I guess I'll have to find another team to manage on 23... I understand its a very niche issue, but it's still quite unacceptable it has not been fixed in the whole of this game cycle. Hopefully it is not an issue in future games for players sake who want to take on Oldham.
  19. Please I have been waiting for a fix for this for a week now and there is still not even a reply. It is very frustrating. I paid 40 quid for this game and this is surely an easy fix. I don't have the editor, I shouldn't have to pay extra money to fix something that should be working in the first place @Zachary Whyte
  20. Still not fixed, just started a save with Oldham and I have the exact same problem. 6 months ago this was flagged. Ridiculous. Needs to be fixed ASAP.
  21. This problem is so common in FM. Every time I have a team meeting I get a mini panic attack because of the possibility of things like this. Pathetic how its still in the game. Its not a bug either, it's coded in this way, happens in every save for everybody.
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