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  1. The press conference and media interaction side of the game needs an update badly. As a journalist, I'm disappointed the Q&A format has not changed once again, with what you say not having too much weight on the game and some of the questions you're asked just not appropriate. What I'd like to see as a starter is answer options with motive behind them. So, for instance to every question you could have the suggested response from a press officer and then a series of other responses that will have different effects - put pressure on refs in an upcoming fixture, take the burden of a defeat from your players, push a club line over a change in the rules or fixture pile-up and so on. That would add depth to this area of the game straight away. Imagine if you gave an answer going against what the press officer told you to say, and were then hauled over the coals by the owners? Or your captain came into your office to thank you for taking the heat after a defeat? On top of that, players also give interviews off their own bat. It'd be good to have a scenario where you have to deal with the fallout if they say something controversial. Or you could give an in depth, one on one interview with a journalist? Or the mood of fans could change based on what is being reported after games? Or you could contact a journalist to complain about a story or angle they have taken, or refuse to speak to them because of their approach if you feel harshly treated? All of these are things I have seen happen in real life and they'd definitely make this part of the game richer to play. Thoughts??
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