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  1. thanks for the early winter update SI Team ! good work. the changelist looks very good i'll check things...
  2. wow i was sure that graphics packs (yes i mean faces, logo, kits and etc) effect the processing between days but its good to know its not really true and its all about the CPU power. thanks for everyone who replied, it became interesting thread lol
  3. thanks for answer. is the amount of graphics effect how fast the game will proccess ? or its only database matter ?
  4. Hey mate thanks for the answer. i've got i5-8500 3.00GHz CPU and micro-star Z360-A PRO board. so upgrade with another 8GB of RAM will improve processing speed? i've got no intention to buy new pc cause im not really gamer but i wonder if some little change like adding more RAM will help the processing speed of FM cause i like to play with big graphics packs and big databases
  5. i've got something like 2100Mhz is that good enough?
  6. i've got a PC with i5 processor and gtx 1050 graphic card. anyway i've got only 8GB RAM. im playing with alot of graphics and big database in FM21 and i wonder if i will upgrade the RAM to 16GB it will improve the processing speed of the game ?
  7. i've got a PC with i5 proccessor and gtx 1050 graphic card. anyway i've got only 8GB RAM. im playing with alot of graphics and big database in FM21 and i wonder if i will upgrade the RAM to 16GB it will improve the proccess speed of the game ?
  8. well even if the game is still playable and im enjoying it (thanks to israeli league fix ) , i was expected SI to fix the key tackles and major league soccer specific league issues way faster.... hope there will be some update soon.
  9. is it just me or there is no tactical briefing meetings before games when managing an international side ?
  10. the rules never been so accurate to the reality anyway this year its completly unplayable cause of salary and registration bug.
  11. what about the game not showing key tackles and etc in analysys? any fix soon ?
  12. its unacceptable that is almost 3 mounths since the release and the MLS still unplayable. i known all the issues are known but we hope for fix soon.
  13. well i was on key highlights but u saying its not supposed to be in every game ? u sure about that ? i played in Euros and World cup and i didnt saw this screen
  14. hey guys why sometimes i just dont see the screen above before games ? is it bug or something in settings? when im playing in national side i almost dont see at all that screen of formation and line ups....
  15. finally ,update 12.2.2 seems to fix the numbers problem ! i didnt check if its work yet, anyone can confirm the issue has been fixed ?
  16. is there any walkaround to the cap salary registration bug ?
  17. hey SI team and Neil, thanks for update for israeli league numbers bug - just in time ! (lockdown starts today in israel - more time to play) ! is there any update to the major league soccer in the 12.2.2 update ?
  18. i dont understand why they are not releasing a hotfix for this issue and many more specific bugs
  19. the game is so stable and fast and the ME is very good at this moment in my opinion. BUT there is some major specific issues, like the israeli league numbers bug, and the MLS bugs, it take so long (already too long) to fix this and this is so disappointing. i hope SI will fix this issues soon as possible because this is more important than general update.
  20. hey john. to be clear, the problem is that i dont see this screen (added picture in file) of the line up and formation presentetion in the start of each match. i can upload save file if its necessary.
  21. in the start of the game when the players warmning i dont see the formations and line up screens of each team. why is that?
  22. any update about fix to the salary cap registration bug ?
  23. some bugs i noitced when managing an international team: 1. in warm-up i dont see the presentions of the line ups with formations 2. before game im not getting email for tactics advice from my assistant. 3. when u get email for player form sin the clubs - u always see his stats from the last game in international instead of stats from last club match.
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