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  1. Hi Jimmy, Sorry, I think you've mistaken this for a graphics issue because I accidentally attached a crash dump from when my graphics driver uninstalled while playing. All the other crash dumps are not graphics issue and are the same issue multiple people have been having following the latest update. I reinstalled my graphics driver and experienced the same issue. I will opt-in to that beta that should fix the problem according to your colleague Neil, and let you know if that fixes the problem. Thanks
  2. My save game file is uploaded to the cloud as "William Alexander", and here is my DXDiag. DxDiag.tx
  3. Hi, after the latest patch my game crashes after every game I play on a save that has been going for 5 years game time! I've attached the crash dumps. FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 15.19.30).dmpAFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 16.12.32).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 16.49.47).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.05 13.31.27).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 14.39.35).dmp
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