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  1. interesting can you link the 3d kits you used. i will try it beacuse i dont like custom skins and want to play with default.
  2. skins you download from FM sites. for example i downloaded a skin called material and it solved my fps issues.
  3. From day 1 since fps drops started (13 november) we were told that, menus were not capped at 60 fps so fps drops happened. So today with some fellower members discovery showed us that custom skins downloaded from sites makes fps stable as it should be.
  4. So you said this was bug, but now we found out that using skins from other sites makes game smooth 60 fps in menus and in game. How will you guys explain this?
  5. thats a problem after november 13 update. normally a medicore pc should and could easily get 60 fps on menus. it was that way on beta. you got 60 fps without any drops. after november 13 update this frame drop issues started. now people get 15-57 fps during menus and in matches.
  6. what about match engine then. before update it was solid 60 fps. after update its 57 fps.
  7. it affects match engine too. before update it was solid 60 fps. after its 57 fps.
  8. Exactly the opposite. Before the update RAM usage of the game was lower. After the update it is much more. Don't you think it is odd to have 60 fps before the update and not having after? If my PC was getting solid 60 fps before than it should also get after. If not there is clearly a problem with the update. If a bug caused game to be much more demanding so can you answer me how my pc acted much more better in a more demanding setting?
  9. Before beta update on 13 november game was smooth 60 fps in menus. After udpate this fps drops happened. So this means in the first place game was working fine.
  10. Before 13 november there wasn't such a problem. After November 13 patch there is massive fps drops in menus. Today after full release nothing was changed. FPS drops continue
  11. Does anybody experiencing fps drops at menus and games after the update? Also game seems to be more "brighter" colours are little bit different than before the update.
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