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  1. Rodrigo Zalazar has an buy option from 4,2 Mio --> Its an obligation to buy him and its more 2-2,5 Mio https://schalke04.de/personal/verpflichtung-rodrigo-zalazar/ // https://www.transfermarkt.de/schalke-leiht-zalazar-bdquo-hervorragendes-gesamtpaket-ldquo-ndash-obligatorische-kaufoption/view/news/390408 Marco Thiede extended his contract until 2024 https://www.kicker.de/vorlage-dreier-und-ein-neuer-vertrag-thiedes-perfekter-tag-874997/artikel Andreas Albers extended his contract until 2024 https://www.kicker.de/sportlich-leichtgefallen-albers-verlaengert-in-regensburg-873332/artikel Tobais Schröck extended his contract until 2024 ? Long term contract extension https://www.transfermarkt.de/ingolstadt-bindet-schrock-nach-aufstieg-bdquo-als-anfuhrer-ein-entscheidendes-puzzlestuck-ldquo-/view/news/386988 Werder Bremen Staff: Claas Bente physio --> https://www.werder.de/teams/profis/betreuerstab/ Sören Quittkat should be the head performance analyst --> https://www.werder.de/teams/profis/betreuerstab/ Andre Pawlowski performance analyst --> https://www.werder.de/teams/profis/betreuerstab/ Sc Paderborn Staff: Frank Fröhling unemployed --> Assistant Manager https://www.scp07.de/Teams/Profis/Mannschaft/ Thomas Henning is since 2020 chef scout --> currently head performance analyst Dynamo Dresden https://www.scp07.de/Teams/Profis/Mannschaft/ // https://de.linkedin.com/in/thomas-henning-80a68a9b Felix Sunkel is currently fitness coach --> moved to Hannover 96 (fitness coach) https://de.linkedin.com/in/felix-sunkel-197886214 Maniyel Nergiz is currently performance analyst and assistant coach --> moved to Vfl Osnabrück (performance analyst) https://www.transfermarkt.de/maniyel-nergiz/profil/trainer/40352
  2. The history of Simon Terodde is a little bit off He played the 20/21 Season for Hamburger SV 33 League Games and 24 Goals
  3. Got sacked with Reschke I cant finde the article but im sure I posted it last year
  4. Hi here some problems with FC Schalke 04: Norbert Elgert is not the Assistant Manager --> U19 Manager https://schalke04.de/knappenschmiede/personal/mannschaften/trainer/ Mathias Schober is not a Scout --> Should be the Head of youth development https://schalke04.de/knappenschmiede/personal/leitung/ Mike Büskens is no a Coach --> Should be Assistant Manager https://schalke04.de/personal/vertragsverlaengerung-asamoah-bueskens/ Mike Büskens contract is wrong curren 30/06/22 --> Should be 30/06/24 https://schalke04.de/personal/vertragsverlaengerung-asamoah-bueskens/ Peter Knäber is not directly the Director of football --> Shoud be a Director https://schalke04.de/verein/schalke-04-e-v/organigramm/ Rouven Schröder should be the Director of football --> he is doing the transfers etc. https://schalke04.de/verein/schalke-04-e-v/organigramm/ Simon Henzler sacked as goalkeeping coach --> https://schalke04.de/personal/wil-coort-torwart-trainer/ The affiliates clubs from Schalke are not correct: Those should be added: (It sounds like a cooperation to get young players (A larger scouting environment)) Rot Weiss Ahlen FC Iserlohn 46/49 Tsv Marl-Hüls SUS Stadtlohn 1. FC Gievenbeck Sportfreunde Hamborn 07 Source: https://schalke04.de/knappenschmiede/knappenschmiede/struktur/kooperationsvereine/ SC Westefalia Herne should not be a affiliate of Schalke (No Informations) But they are affiliated with Borussia Dortmund (Source: https://www.waz.de/sport/lokalsport/herne-wanne-eickel/westfalia-coup-kooperation-mit-dem-bvb-id9171588.html ) Sg Wattenscheid 09 should not be an affiliate of Schalke (No Infomrations) But they are affiliated with Rot Weiss Essen (Source:https://rot-weiss-essen.de/newsdetail/rwe-nachwuchsabteilung-baut-kooperationsnetzwerk-aus/)
  5. Nobody really knows the exact salary payments and they are usually only estimates. Contracts are published only in the rarest cases and then you just have to estimate or work with the rumors.
  6. Of course it is sometimes hard to find trustworthy information but you can find it. Using Schalke as an example, you can find financial information on their homepage (https://schalke04.de/finanzen/halbjahreszahlen/)
  7. Naldos wage is 1.99Mio yearly is quite much for an assistance coach Its probably his last wage from Monaco
  8. hahahah The attributes for errors were from another user. If I may ask when does a player have to reach the age of 16 to be implemented in the game ?
  9. All of them are not in the game Sidi Guessor Sane -> Schalke 04,Birth: 21.04.2003 (17) Position: Attacking Midfielder Right (Main), Left, Brother: Leroy Sane Arbnor Aliu -> Schalke 04, Birth: 17.02.2003(17) Position: Centerback (Main), Wingback and defensive midfielder (Great Talent: Plays for the German national team since the U15) Stanislav Fehler -> Schalke 04, Birth 24.12.2002(17) Position: Attacking Midfielder Left (Main) Attacking Midfielder Right Semin Kojic -> Schalke 04, Birth: 28.10.2004 (16) Position: Striker (Main) (Played 6 Games for the U16 of Germany)
  10. Yes I can agree with you. Especially in duels he is incredibly physically strong for a striker and can tie up balls. But I don't see him as a good team player. The work rate could be higher if you include Paciencia's first games at schalke. Small changes would be ok but I don't think anyone would complain if you leave him like this
  11. I think his Attributes are absoluty fine (Stamina upgrade could be considered 7 ist little bit low for Bundesliga ). He is 17 years old in his first full Bundesliga Season. In most cases it is better not to make a player too good. The researchers do a good job. Talents should not get too strong values directly, like in other countries.
  12. Heidewaldstadion --> renamed in Ohlendorf Stadion im Heidewald Source: https://fcguetersloh.de/aus-dem-heidewaldstadion-wird-das-ohlendorf-stadion-im-heidewald
  13. Its hard to say because of their leak of playtime Can Bozodogan -> Dribbling 7 -> 13 (Key Attribute of his playstyle) Technique 10 -> 12 Decisions 13 -> 11 (Its to high. He often makes a wrong decision (normal in his age)) Flair 9 -> 12 (Key Attribute and he is a player which is a little bit more unpredictable than others) Work Rate 13 -> 14 Im not sure if I would upgrade some other mental stats probably not. But I think that his PA is a little bit low should be a decent Bundesliga player Malick Laye Thiaw: Heading 10 -> 12 (Strong header) Concentration 5 -> 10 (5 is definitly to low ) Bravery 9 -> 11 Aggresion 7-> 9 Technique 5 -> 8 Determination 5 -> 8 Work rate 9 -> 10 Stamina 5 -> 10 (5 is to low for 2. Bundesliga or Bundesliga niveau) I dont know his Pa but I think he is more than a decent 2.Bundesliga player in the future. The rumors are rumors but if Liverpool is interested in someone he should be a decent Bundesliga player. Its hard to say but I dont think that Timo Becker should be the better player from ratings
  14. Can Bozdogan -> Considered as an option in the Bundesliga, could need a little upgrade to be a option ingame or at least 2.Bundesliga Malick Thiaw > fullname: Malick Laye Thiaw Should get a little upgrade be an option in the Bundesliga or at least 2.Bundesliga in a midfield team Source: https://www.instagram.com/malick.laye/?hl=de Vedad Ibisevic: Wage is too high. He get the minimum base wage (100k a Year). He is just playing for bonuses Source: https://www.kicker.de/platz_drei_im_blick_ibisevic_unterschreibt_auf_schalke-783264/artikel
  15. Here are the sources and I tried to find something about Yanik und Krabbe but there is no information Rainer Widmayer was a rumor --> https://schalke04.de/funktion/trainerteam/ only Naldo got an official contract https://schalke04.de/personal/manuel-baum-neuer-trainer/ Ömer Yanik --> No date of birth provided by Fc Schalke 04 or elsewhere Christian Krabbe -->No date of birth provided by Fc Schalke 04 or elsewhere FC Schalke 04 -> Debt is to low 144 Mio -->205 Mio https://www1.wdr.de/sport/fussball/erste-bundesliga/schalke-bilanz-halbjahr-100.html https://www.sport1.de/fussball/bundesliga/2020/09/fc-schalke-04-begrenzt-corona-minus-vorerst-auf-zehn-millionen-euro https://sport.sky.de/fussball/artikel/schalke-04-news-corona-minus-von-rund-10-millionen-euro/12085825/33896
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