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  1. Adrian Babic (Chief Scout) FC Schalke 04 was released with Reschke https://www.sport1.de/fussball/bundesliga/2020/11/schalke-04-darum-droht-der-abstieg-aus-der-bundesliga
  2. Juan Cabrera exists twice at Schalke Juan Ignacio Cabrera is the other version
  3. Thanks Schalke for sacking everyone Vedad Ibisevic sacked https://schalke04.de/personal/bentaleb-harit-ibisevic/
  4. There are still some small errors at schalke Christoph Bühler Is currently Assistant Manager --> sacked https://schalke04.de/personal/fc-schalke-04-stellt-chef-trainer-david-wagner-frei/ Nils Schmadkte is currently a scout --> Should be a Scout or chief scout for Wolfsburg https://www.vfl-wolfsburg.de/newsdetails/news-detail/detail/news/neuer-scouting-leiter/ Christoph Kresse is currently a Scout --> Should be a Scout for Wolfsburg https://de.linkedin.com/in/christoph-kresse- (Those were probably miss clicks) Edit: Michael Reschke sacked (Next time please a
  5. Nobody really knows the exact salary payments and they are usually only estimates. Contracts are published only in the rarest cases and then you just have to estimate or work with the rumors.
  6. Of course it is sometimes hard to find trustworthy information but you can find it. Using Schalke as an example, you can find financial information on their homepage (https://schalke04.de/finanzen/halbjahreszahlen/)
  7. Naldos wage is 1.99Mio yearly is quite much for an assistance coach Its probably his last wage from Monaco
  8. hahahah The attributes for errors were from another user. If I may ask when does a player have to reach the age of 16 to be implemented in the game ?
  9. All of them are not in the game Sidi Guessor Sane -> Schalke 04,Birth: 21.04.2003 (17) Position: Attacking Midfielder Right (Main), Left, Brother: Leroy Sane Arbnor Aliu -> Schalke 04, Birth: 17.02.2003(17) Position: Centerback (Main), Wingback and defensive midfielder (Great Talent: Plays for the German national team since the U15) Stanislav Fehler -> Schalke 04, Birth 24.12.2002(17) Position: Attacking Midfielder Left (Main) Attacking Midfielder Right Semin Kojic -> Schalke 04, Birth: 28.10.2004 (16) Position: Striker (Main) (Played 6 Games for the U16 of Ger
  10. Yes I can agree with you. Especially in duels he is incredibly physically strong for a striker and can tie up balls. But I don't see him as a good team player. The work rate could be higher if you include Paciencia's first games at schalke. Small changes would be ok but I don't think anyone would complain if you leave him like this
  11. I think his Attributes are absoluty fine (Stamina upgrade could be considered 7 ist little bit low for Bundesliga ). He is 17 years old in his first full Bundesliga Season. In most cases it is better not to make a player too good. The researchers do a good job. Talents should not get too strong values directly, like in other countries.
  12. Heidewaldstadion --> renamed in Ohlendorf Stadion im Heidewald Source: https://fcguetersloh.de/aus-dem-heidewaldstadion-wird-das-ohlendorf-stadion-im-heidewald
  13. Its hard to say because of their leak of playtime Can Bozodogan -> Dribbling 7 -> 13 (Key Attribute of his playstyle) Technique 10 -> 12 Decisions 13 -> 11 (Its to high. He often makes a wrong decision (normal in his age)) Flair 9 -> 12 (Key Attribute and he is a player which is a little bit more unpredictable than others) Work Rate 13 -> 14 Im not sure if I would upgrade some other mental stats probably not. But I think that his PA is a little bit low should be a decent Bundesliga player Malick Laye Thiaw: Heading 10 -> 12 (Strong head
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