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  1. fman1

    The Transition

    Had to post to say watched and really enjoyed your video. Thought I would listen for 2 minutes then get bored, but 20 minutes flew past and I have scribbled down a few ideas I want to try, so it would be rude not to say thanks for helping.
  2. I wanted to go back to an attacking back 3 and looked to be structured and control with looking for overlap but shorter passing and a high tempo, closing down as well and have this formation I hope the screenshots work, and have changed after a few games to these instructions
  3. You could talk about how we are all drawn into the game and get to live out our football dreams within the game as the reality is we are all guff at football
  4. Third season is a charm *crosses fingers*
  5. Why don't you start in the Scottish Prem? Go anyone except Celtic and see if you can build a team to challenge them on a tight budget. Start with a challenge and once you feel you have taken a club as far as you can look to move abroad. Try Ross County, St. Mirren, Caley Thistle or Partick and see how you go.
  6. I think the main thing to take from the other careers that you have tried is...... you dont travel well. Put the passport away, have a break then fire up the Cambridge save. The further you move away from the place the worse you get. Harsh but true.
  7. fman1

    [FM14] The U's and Me

    And to think you almost walked away a few weeks ago. Well done.
  8. fman1

    [FM14] The U's and Me

    Whoa there. Top of the league, and not having to rely on the alphabet! Is the patience finally going to pay off? Good luck, top 4 and FA cup must be the aim this season?
  9. fman1

    [FM14] The U's and Me

    Yay! CL football finally.
  10. fman1

    [FM14] The U's and Me

    So glad to see this back. As a fellow struggler in the prem (my team are currently 17th and won only once in the last 12 games) nice to read about a team who made it to the promised land, almost touched the top 4 but are dragged back and need to re focus for another push. Good luck!
  11. @Kubo I play a similar formation and roles. What I have found was my anchor man was getting dragged out of position and I would still lose goals. I changed to a DLP d and for some reason it is better defensively. Up front I have a AFa as I want my frontman to push up against the opposition CBs and not allow them to relax, gives space for my IF to run into or my CMa to attack. Yip I kept it real simple in the middle of the park with a CMs and CMa with a Ws on the other wing. Shouts I used are play out of defence, retain possession and work ball into box. Other I will add depending how the game goes but my fluid control style works well against smaller teams, and switch to counter against the big boys.
  12. Thanks for this. I feel i have gained a fair bit of knowledge of how to implement the type of play I want to produce, and identify the times that will not be possible and look to a plan B or C. Too many times I have stuck with the same plan and not understood how it failed, or what I could've changed to the game to work in my favour. Top stuff mate.
  13. Read through the last 4 pages to find it on a cliffhanger......................where will you go?
  14. Fantastic write up. I have moved to a 4231 but use two deeper DLP's. Really like the idea of the two IF's holding up the ball to give the wing backs more of a chance to get forward and support play. May nab some of these ideas for my tactic, thanks!
  15. For away games I would reduce the amount of people that will hold up the ball. When you are at home teams will sit back and allow you more possession. When you are away from home teams will look to close you down and if players are dwelling on the ball it could cause issues. I read Krunccrni's thread and got a tactic going from it that got me this at home but away from home i was getting beaten. Badly. So i took off hold up ball from all players, played around with mentalities and started to get better results. till have the bulk of possession but fewer passes.