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  1. I wouldn't take my experience as proof that it's fixed for everyone but so far i haven't seen even a slight stutter in gameplay. I hope this continues into the final version on 9th November, if so i'll be one happy customer.
  2. Absolutely buzzing with this beta. I'm struggling to find any bugs at all minus some of the player loading times that have previously been mentioned. I also want to say thanks to the developers for finally sorting out the smoothness of the match engine graphics. The past 3 FM's have struggled with lag and stuttering for a lot of users (mainly with Nvidia GPU's), but it seems they have been completely ironed out. This match engine is completely polished! Great work!
  3. Do you load any particular nations for this? I'm doing the same this year with all the divisions loaded in: England France Germany Italy Spain Netherlands Northern Ireland Wales Republic of Ireland Scotland On a medium database looking at around 50k players.
  4. I'm very pleased to have helped! It frustrated me as well but got there in the end
  5. Beta I'll choose my real life team Bristol City. But when it's released I plan on doing a UK unemployed no badges no experience sort of thing. Did a similar save on FM21 starting with Stranraer and moving on to Morton, Willem II & Bristol City.
  6. SOLVED! Turned out to be windows defender being funny about apps accessing certain folders.
  7. I've moved the graphics out and back into the folders with no success & also reinstalled the game and it's still not working. It's almost as if the games path to the sports interactive folder is all messed up. I can access my save but nothing else in the game
  8. Hi guys, As the title says - any ideas? I've literally not changed a single thing about the game, just turned on my PC this evening and they were all gone? Initially all logos weren't there at all so I reloaded the game and it reverted back to the normal logos that come with the game. All players faces, kits, logos, trophies etc etc have stopped working but they are in the same file location as they always have been (sports interactive > Football Manager 2021 > Graphics Any ideas?
  9. When trying this, set all the other settings to default if you've been changing them in Nvidia settings etc. Everything at default and just turn the crowds off. It's fixed it for me
  10. What happens to FPS when you turn the crowd off in the preferences in the game?
  11. Having the exact same problem. Capping the FPS in Nvidia Control Panel to 120fps has made it bearable, but it still isn't right.
  12. Translated to English: "Good morning I have the same problem as you and since yesterday I tried something different apart from the performance settings from the NVIDIA panel, which is to deactivate the screen optimization and since yesterday the stuttering and lag is non-existent or super slight and there is a change too big for good You are looking for the executable of fm21 (FM21.EXE) ON THE FM21.EXE ICON, click the right button / properties / compatibility ... and check the box to disable full screen optimization. seems to be going a lot better" Worth a go guys!
  13. I have the same problem and I know that it is being looked into. Try locking your max frame rate to 120fps and see if that helps? Mine seems to be running fine at 120, anything higher and it's stuttering.
  14. Not bad compared to others but still annoying that I have a brand new 3000 series card and the game still stutters. I did try turning the crowd off but it didn't really change anything. Already tried that too. Didn't solve the issue i'm afraid.
  15. Having stuttering on a brand new RTX 3070 with a Ryzen 7 3700x. I've noticed the initial inter squad game was super smooth. Really nice to look at. But as soon as you play a game against another team it's quite stuttery, especially when the ball is in the air. I've tried turning G-Sync on and off with no success. FPS is fluctuating between 130 & 144. No reason why it should be struggling. DxDiag.txt
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