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  1. When trying this, set all the other settings to default if you've been changing them in Nvidia settings etc. Everything at default and just turn the crowds off. It's fixed it for me
  2. What happens to FPS when you turn the crowd off in the preferences in the game?
  3. Having the exact same problem. Capping the FPS in Nvidia Control Panel to 120fps has made it bearable, but it still isn't right.
  4. Translated to English: "Good morning I have the same problem as you and since yesterday I tried something different apart from the performance settings from the NVIDIA panel, which is to deactivate the screen optimization and since yesterday the stuttering and lag is non-existent or super slight and there is a change too big for good You are looking for the executable of fm21 (FM21.EXE) ON THE FM21.EXE ICON, click the right button / properties / compatibility ... and check the box to disable full screen optimization. seems to be going a lot better" Worth a go guys!
  5. I have the same problem and I know that it is being looked into. Try locking your max frame rate to 120fps and see if that helps? Mine seems to be running fine at 120, anything higher and it's stuttering.
  6. Not bad compared to others but still annoying that I have a brand new 3000 series card and the game still stutters. I did try turning the crowd off but it didn't really change anything. Already tried that too. Didn't solve the issue i'm afraid.
  7. Having stuttering on a brand new RTX 3070 with a Ryzen 7 3700x. I've noticed the initial inter squad game was super smooth. Really nice to look at. But as soon as you play a game against another team it's quite stuttery, especially when the ball is in the air. I've tried turning G-Sync on and off with no success. FPS is fluctuating between 130 & 144. No reason why it should be struggling. DxDiag.txt
  8. Tried it, it does change it but not for the better in my opinion. But if it works for you until they fix it then I'm pleased you've found a temp solution!
  9. It sounds like your zoom settings are like that due to the computer you are using. I could be wrong. I play on a 1080p monitor and I have zoom/scaling up to 125%
  10. Cool no worries, I was just doing a bit of troubleshooting and found that setting being on made the font horrible to look at so just wanted to make sure.
  11. Just to make sure we are all having the same issue here, those of you who are using Nvidia graphics cards can you make sure Antialisting FXAA is set to off in the settings as shown in the image? If this is off and you're still having the problem, it's an FM issue.
  12. I had this issue and it was to do with Gsync. If you have an Nvidia card then go into control panel and select the gsync options. Then make sure the circled option is ticked. Since doing this on my setup my game as been absolutely flawless and buttery smooth. Apologies if this hasn't helped but thought I should mention it just incase. EDIT: Ignore this, mine has since started to stutter again regardless of G-Sync being on or off.
  13. I know this is being looked into but a bit of extra info. I just connected my PC to my 4K TV and the font is fine. Whilst I know 4K is obviously much better than 1080p, the text should still be crisp and easy to look at.
  14. Google TCS21 logos. They will release a megapack the day before FM is fully released. I would advise against adding logos and kits to the beta though for the time being as it could cause issues in game. Edit: Also, due to copyright Man U won't feature in most logo packs. However it's not too difficult to create it.
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