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  1. thanks for the reply and I hope you can really consider what I wrote earlier.
  2. hi guys, I seem to play the play statione and not FM ... absurd play with the defense at 3 is impossible. they suffer too many shots and scoring chances from any setting. I put the defense tight and suffer shots and goals continuously from outside, I put the normal defense or the same result. but it is so difficult to solve a really poor ME in the defensive phase ??? not to mention the pressing, everyone any type of pressing you put, the players run alone for their facts .... absurd! the desire to play with it has been passing me for years!
  3. Hello, yes, in my mac it appears to have some slowdown especially in the game. also I have to update what is written before after 10 games, unfortunately I find that the problem of too many shots and scoring chances has not been resolved, perhaps even worse.
  4. Hello, I have tried for a few games and I can say that I finally witness a more balanced game both in defense and in shooting during the game (every game I did I witnessed 40 total shots from both teams, an unreal thing) .. ..but I don't see performance improvements in general despite having a super fast mac 21.5
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