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  1. Thou shall never buy Leo Messi
  2. how old are you??

    17, been playing since I was about 11. Love management games!
  3. Does anyone do this? If so what are the pros & cons
  4. What's 'Toons' budget on the new patch, I'd check but im at a BBQ... I thought id would be high die to Carroll going? Thinking of starting a game when I get home
  5. Lower League Beauties

    They don't 'look' good. Buy them,nurture them...
  6. Ronaldo,Fabregas,Messi or Adebayor... I like to develop my own talents..
  7. David Vaughn & Charlie Adam should be improved! And Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Brett Ormerod decreased..
  8. The longer we wait,the better it will be - patience is a virtue
  9. One of those days...

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us *I forgot the image*
  10. This is not the first time this has happened today -.-
  11. Manager of the Year

    I came second with Blackpool but didn't win it - Its rubbish
  12. Stand Off Opponents...

    So it's not completely standing off but, 'not rushing in'? Thanks
  13. Why? Why is this option on there, im sure there is a reason and im just not seeing it...
  14. First true fm11 heartbreak .

    It's what FM dreams are made of..
  15. 1,000

    - All part of the fun! Heres to the next thousand!