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  1. somehow i had missed this - a million thanks!!...but wondering why the default was off when it was always on for the earlier FMs?!
  2. Hi, been trawling this great forum but cannot seem to find anyone with this obvious issue that i am sure its my mistake somewhere..... i am playing as Southampton and during matches do not have a view of any stadiums, whether home or away, it is just showing as a "green patch"...looked through the options / preferences etc but cannot find any issues..can any kind soul pls help as i really miss looking at all the spectators during the games
  3. Hi, yup i realised this is an issue for me too and when i played as Aberdeen in my 1st trial season, it was cumbersome to arrange the friendlies now in my second game, i am playing Southampton in my 1st season and am in the black by 8 million, so dont think its due to finances...hope to have the option in season 2 :-)
  4. Hello, i have just reloaded FM 2007 to my new laptop and found that when i set the highlights slider all the way to the right, the speed of the highlights is slower compared to my previous laptop.. appreciate anyone;s kind advice on what settings i should be setting, i am suspecting a laptop config related issue.... thanks