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  1. Whoever it was checked my DxDiag, are you certain that the issue is with my graphics drivers? Because if so I could get a new graphics card in the sales this weekend, but I wouldn’t want to buy one and the problem turned out to be something else
  2. No, what I meant when I said I'd tried manually installing new graphics drivers was that it I cannot seem to update them that way either, displaying the error message "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." Does this mean I need to get a new laptop?
  3. Hi, it’s been a few days and I don’t think this is an issue with my graphics card because I’m having problems with launching FM20 as well and I was always able to launch it before
  4. Also, FM20 is crashing in the same way. This never happened before I downloaded the beta. I therefore don't think there is an issue with my drivers as my laptop never had any problems running FM20, so why isn't it launching either? Is this something I should contact Steam about?
  5. It says my graphics card is up to date. Does this mean I need a new laptop or are there other things I can try?
  6. I’ve checked and I can’t find any crash dumps - and no, I’m not using any custom files. I really can’t understand what’s wrong.
  7. Upon launching the game, it crashes after about 5 seconds without displaying any kind of error message.
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