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  1. Career Updates Forum Mini Updates Thread

    Well it wasn't quite the fairy-tale ending to a European season that we wanted as both of us went out of the competition at the stage that I had posted. Haverfordwest (managed by my mate) nearly made it passed Real Madrid, but just couldn't get the goal they needed in Madrid and went out 3-2 on aggregate. Meanwhile I went out on away goals to Galatasaray, drawing both games. In the title race, my form was dreadful after a European exit and Haverfordwest won the league at a canter really. I did knock them out of the Welsh Cup and go on to win that tournament - with a 3-0 victory over Llanelli in the final - and took home the massive £1.5 millon prize fund for winning the competition. Haverfordwest added the Loosemoore's League cup to their trophy cabinet. This season in Europe, I was given a tie against Panathanikos in the "best placed play-off 3rd round" that the second placed team in Wales is entered into. It's a tough draw as it is the top teams from the top divisions that play in it so I was relatively pleased with the tie I was given. A 1-1 home draw in the first leg, on paper, doesn't look too bad but I had mustered up 4 CCC's and taken 28 shots during the game so was disappointed not to at least win the match. I ran away with the game in Greece, though and was rarely threatened picking up a comfortable 2-0 victory and ensuring European football this season (after getting to the 4th round of qualifying you are garunteed at least the Europa League, if you lose the final qualifying round). The 4th round draw has proved somewhat of an impossible task to get through in recent years and as an unseeded team, again, I did not expect much. However, I got the easiest team in the pot, Galatasaray, and was delighted - Manchester United and Napoli were seeded teams I could have got. It was also a chance to get a bit of revenge for last year in the Europa League. Unfortunately FM threw up a glitch and put Haverfordwest in the same qualification process - they should have entered the normal 4th round qualifying - but they were seeded. Again, unfortunately, they were granted a tie against a tough PSV side. The home leg came and I was expecting a tough game. I had only made one improvement to my first team, at centre back, with youth a priority - one of my former players has now been capped for England - so I was expecting another tough game. Instead it was an easy victory, in a match I dominated and managed to pick up a 3-1 victory to take away. The only frustration for me was the away goal I had conceded, but after drawing there last season I felt I already had one foot in the Champions League. However, Galatasaray clearly were hurt with a defeat and threw men forward. I have never seen a team start in such an attacking strategy from the start. It paid off, with 3 first half goals I was just hoping to stop them scoring again. My usual counter strategy was still leaving me too short at the back, so I went to defensive to gain a bit of respite. It worked, as the Turkish side broke forward looking to kill the game off, my striker went forward and tucked home a great finish to level the tie on aggregate. Still they came forward, but I always felt we could hit them on the counter - especially after they adopted a 3-2-4 formation after going down to ten men due to a sending off. 90 minutes finished and after a brilliant game, that could have seen easy team win we headed to extra time. I was hoping my 1 man advantage would prove the difference, but extra-time lacked the excitment of 90 minutes with both sides struggling for fitness. In the 119th minute Galatasaray got a free-kick on the edge of my area, I am always wary from free-kicks in Europe as they have proved a valuable source of goals for my opposition on numerous occasions. As the ball came in, my keeper came out and claimed the cross before launching the ball up-field to my striker, who somehow broke clear of the last man and stubbed his shot in off the post to put Bala Town into the Champions League group stages. Haverfordwest, on the other hand, had less luck and succumbed to a 3-0 aggregate defeat to PSV meaning that we would not be able to get two teams to the group stages for the first time in Welsh history, but 1 in the Champions League and one in the Europa League is now par for the course and maintains a good co-efficient, especially as the Europa League is a competition where we can realistically reach the latter stages in now. My group draw is fairly tough with Bayern, PSV and Austria Wien but I'm confident I can grab third place and at least get to the knock-out stages of the Europa League, whilst I'm almost convinced Haverfordwest will get there after being dealt out a decent group.
  2. Career Updates Forum Mini Updates Thread

    It's brilliant! Both of us are addicted at the minute. Last season we played each other in the title decider on the last day of the season. Both of us were locked on 80 points, having lost twice previously, but I had the lead on goal difference so only needed a draw, at his place. After taking the lead I was relatively confident of holding out, but he levelled just before HT. As the clock hit 60 minutes, I went to my trusty 4-1-4-1 (that has been the key to beating teams like Zenit in Europe) to hold out. 70 minutes and he was yet to have a shot since changing to the formation. I was almost there. Yet, just as the clock ticked onto the 75th minute his Serbian international took aim and lashed into the top corner from 30 yards. I promptly chucked everything forward, but it was to no avail and he knicked another goal at the end. To make things worse I was round his house at the time so had to put up with his celebrations, whilst I was crying on the floor. The most dramatic title chase since about to 2015/2016 season when I experienced my most annoying FM moment ever... I was winning the title, 92 minutes had been played, away at TNS and I was leading 3-2. I had to win to secure the title. 2 minutes were due to be added on, and I broke forward, on counter, and the ball fell to my RW who had enjoyed a great season, somehow though he managed to miss and hit the post from 2 yards out. 3-2 it remained and the Facebook message of "congratulations" had been typed. This was my year. Yet the rebound off the post fell to their CB who hacked the ball up field, my best centre half (who has now played over 400 games for the club), went up to make a standard clearance but somehow missed the ball and allowed their striker to go one-on-one and he finished in style, making the score 3-3 and allowing my mate to win the league on goal difference. Heartbreaking. This season has been good, we are top 2 again, although Steven Jovetic and Goytre (just after being promoted) are relatively close - 6 points behind - as we head into January. Neither of us have hit top form in the WPL unfortunately, we have both already lost more games than we did last year but this is mainly due a succesion of smash and grab victories. Everyone plays 4-1-4-1 against us now! Europe has been fantastic though. My friend, in the Champions League, managed to get out of a group containing Barcelona - who he drew 0-0 at home with, with 10 men - and Galatasaray, finishing 2nd. Whilst my progression was far more dramatic. I had to go away to Maccabi Haifi, needing a win/draw to progress. I had done the double over them in the 3rd round of Champions League qualifying to travelled to Tel Aviv confident, despite the fact I drew 0-0 with them at home in the group, but went 1-0 down early. I had turned it around before HT, making it 2-1 and was convinced I was going to coast through. They had done nothing in terms of chances. Yet, after scoring a corner (as is a common theme in Europe) and then a 35 yard screamer I was looking at heading out. I wacked on my impact sub, an absoulte donkey who is just quick, and changed to 4-2-4 and 5 minutes from time managed to grab an equaliser and hold on! I have been given Galatasaray in the last 32 and it is a winable tie. Napoli/Atletico Madrid wait in the next round, however, and I doubt I'll be able to beat either of those sides, both of whom are far superior to my squad. I'm still content with the progress that has been made though. On an aside my striker won the European golden boot last season, with an incredible 46 goals, putting him amongst the likes of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, as well as some crazy re-gens. I'll keep you updated with our European adventures/title fight this season. If anyone has any questions about Wales, let me know, you should definitely set one up there though if you're looking at a new game.
  3. Increasing Youth Recruitment.

    Cheers for that. Frustrating, but at least they're improving it.
  4. Career Updates Forum Mini Updates Thread

    My friend and I have a literally mental network game going at the minute. Currently we are in season 2030-2031 and have transformed Wales into a nation that is actually half decent. We started off being the two teams predicted to be bottom of the league in the first season - Bala (me) and Haverfordwest (him) - and it took about three seasons until we were the dominant forces in Wales. I think it’s now been over 15 seasons since we haven’t been the top two, and we are both now classed as “legendary/world class” managers after bringing in so many trophies to the clubs. Europe has been a consistent struggle, Europa League qualifying is basically impossible so the league leader has to carry the baton for us in the Champions League - qualification is much easier in the CL - and it was a challenge just to get the co-efficient up. Anyway, after 21 seasons we finally have two CL qualification places, including one that automatically enters at the group stages. The key to the start is to bring in players from the lower divisions in England, I had a 33 year old Mackail-Smith leading the line for a sizable period of time and he ripped the WPL apart. Gradually the reputation of the league increases and better players, mainly youth, become available. My mate now has a player who has been called up to the England squad playing for him, with us both having plenty of full and youth internationals in our teams. Wales’ division has improved too, it is now the 14th most reputed competition in the World - league rep does work - and there is a lot more money/reputation (£1 million in TV rights, £1.4 million for winning the major cup) so now every club is proffesional and attracting some decent talent (probably equivalent to League One). As for our fortunes in Europe, my mate has qualyfied from his Champions League group for two seasons running, whilst last season I managed to get into the last 16 of the Europa League before losing on away goals to Benfica - my striker missed a CCC in the last minute of this game too, he was promptly dropped - so we are starting to compete on the European stage. The overall aim is to win a Champions League, I think one of us might do it within 10 seasons time.
  5. Consistently missing chances.

    Just as an aside, I play a pretty conventional 4-2-4 in the league and a 4-1-4-1 in Europe. Strikers and wingers are always on attack. I haven't intentionally set up a tactic to "exploit the match engine", in-fact the difference in that my team is above the quality of the rest of Wales so should be expected to create chances. If Manchester United were to play, for instance, my team Peterborough United (which is around the standard difference of my team and the rest of the league) they would be expected to create chances. I was just wondering why, fairly consistently, my strikers have struggled to hit the target for most the time throughout the game. The problem now has gone some way to solving itself - I had the 2nd most efficient striker in the league last season - because of a few tweaks I made from the advice of this thread.
  6. Increasing Youth Recruitment.

    Cheers guys. I think it's just a question of keeping trying to improve reputation then and doing well in Europe. It's a bit frustrating as Welsh Premier League clubs start with the lowest reputation and the club is so far advanced the report always says "no one particular player stands out", as the standard of youth recruitment is so basic. I'll try and arrange a few friendlies abroad next year then, and hopefully that'll improve things. Winning the Champions League with a Welsh club is easier said than done!
  7. Increasing Youth Recruitment.

    After 20 season in Wales, with the top division now the 14th most reputed competition in Europe, why is it still impossible to increase my clubs youth recruitment range? I have had success at a Champions League level - finishing 2nd in the group - and have managed to get to the last 16 round of Europa League. The clubs reputation is said to be similar to Bolton, Blackburn etc, so a top Champo/mid table Premier League club, yet my youth recruitment level is still greyed out so I cannot gain good re-gens, despite being able to bring in youth players from Brazil/Spain/Argentina etc with caps at all youth levels. I was wondering how to go about increasing it? Is there something I missed or is it just a case of carrying on until it becomes available. Thanks in advance.
  8. Consistently missing chances.

    @MBarbric I've often wondered this, as in Europe they seem to hit the back of the net much more often - I managed to get to the last 16 of the Europa League last season effectively playing on the counter and being clinical - so I guess this could be the case. Maybe the key will be to go with a few more "I expect a performance" in the league to help avoid complacency. @milnerpoint I play an attacking formation in the first place - 4-2-2-4 - so the emphasis is on going forward for my team. I do create a lot of CCC's that are wasted, which is frustrating, but I take your point that perhaps it is that I need to create better chances for my strikers. Anyway this season has seen a marked improvement, I added what I needed to to my team, and my leading striker now has an incredible 20 goals in 13 WPL matches!
  9. Consistently missing chances.

    Yeah, a few, but it's more our inability to hit the target that frustrates me. My top striker has 41% shots on target ratio - placing him 10th in the WPL in this catergory - and below that my next best has 21% of shots on target. It takes my team at least 10 shots to score, on average, whilst most oppositions will score once every 5/6 shots on target.
  10. Consistently missing chances.

    Was just wondering what the best way of stopping this is. I have been fairly dominant in my league, WPL and have qualified for european competitions on numerous occasions now, but I still feel like my strikers are very wasteful despite being way above average players for the level they are playing at.
  11. This is beyond a joke. My friend and I have had a network game going for over 10 seasons now and we've come to play on it today to find out that we cannot connect. We've tried everything but nothing seems to work. What could have gone wrong?
  12. I have been playing a network game with my friend for a while now - no problems what so ever. But the first time we tried to connect after the latest patch we cannot do so. Any ideas as to why? Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: Sorted now.
  13. League Reputation

    Not Cardiff. Bala Town. Awful, awful, club! Cardiff and Swansea are both good sides!
  14. League Reputation

    Ah. That should be interesting. Currently managing in Wales, which is a terrible standard!
  15. League Reputation

    Oh, okay. Thanks.