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  1. Whats it missing?

    It's good but the main thing lacking for me is team talks. I've managed to turn around many results with the right words but in this version I feel powerless.
  2. Team gelling in FM Touch?

    Thanks for the reply Rich, things did get better after a few months so I'll just need to be patient
  3. I started a new game in create a club, released all playing staff and started with zero players. Over the preseason I gradually built a squad. I know there is no longer tactical familiarity but do they new players still need to gel? I ask because the players are playing awful and can barely string two passes together. Its like when the team is not gelled in standard FM. In the main game I can check assistant manager feedback, is this not available in FM Touch?
  4. Ok thanks for the quick response. Guess I'll need to wait for a new tablet in the future.
  5. Is this list likely to expand at all or is it final? I have a Asus Transformer TF103C which was able to run FM Classic but it is no longer on the list. Been looking forward to this release and now I'm gutted!!
  6. Fantastic thread Jambo, I'm a Morton fan so thats what got my attention initially but the tactical system was the thing that struck me the most. I often have a slump, change tactics and end up making things worse. I love the idea of your 4-5-1 with so many options to tailor it for my needs. Keep up the good work!
  7. I have a Asus Transformer TF103CX (8GB). I wasn't sure how significant the X was on the end so I decided to try and install the game but I was unable to as I needed 4GB of free space to install it. I performed a factory reset and still didn't have enough free space. Might be useful to add this info on the compatibility list to avoid other people making the same mistake.
  8. Counter attacking thread

    Just spotted this, thanks for the excellent feedback!
  9. Counter attacking thread

    Thanks for the excellent feedback, I will try your suggestions.
  10. Counter attacking thread

    Thanks, I will try this.
  11. Counter attacking thread

    The logic was to prevent the defenders just hoofing it up the park due to the more direct setting but I can try it without.
  12. Counter attacking thread

    This is actually what happened! I definitely lost attacking edge moving the wide players back but i gained defensive solidarity so I guess there's a balance to be struck. I am struggling for goals but then again I'm playing as Milan
  13. Counter attacking thread

    Thanks, struggling for goals but defence solid.
  14. Counter attacking thread

    I've been trying to set up a formation loosely based on this article with the same TI's but with ML/MR instead of AML/AMR and MC instead of AMC I'm just about to test it, do the roles make sense? I'm not the best at creating tactics.
  15. You mentioned you "give individual instructions for pressing (basically to my front four)" yet in the screenshots you only give "close down more" to the AMC. Did you give this to the rest or is this done via the role? Loving the thread by the way, I love Dortmund's style.