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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a update to fix this issue
  2. Just lost TAA for 7-8 months in my save need to sign another RB as ive agreed to sell Clyne can also use Fabinho there if needed
  3. Halfway through season 1 Im 2nd 7 pts behind Chelsea as it stands hoping for a big 2nd half of the season
  4. Chelsea was leading 2-1 in the 95th min then Keita scores a screamer to make it 2-2 hes a beast of a player
  5. Watford are the surprise packet in my same top of the league in November im 3rd atm doing well so fat & already through to the knockout stage of the champions league
  6. Gomez & VVD have formed a formidable partnership in defense
  7. Having a mixed season still finding my ground did smash Man Utd 6-1 at home & beat Juventus 3-1 at home but have lost to some lowly teams
  8. Great thread just started a new save wont sign anyone in season 1 will in season 2 or even in January will also will make changes to my backroom staff
  9. Surprised theres no thread for Liverpool in FM 19
  10. Played a few pre season games on the beta version gonna start my proper save on release day
  11. Ive closed the door on FM & my Liverpool save after 12 seasons League:7 times (won the first 6 in a row) Fa cup:2 times Champions League:3 times League cup:4 times World club:2 times European super cup:2 times Comm shield:8 times Happy with this save Beletti was my best signing a goal scoring machine but let him go later on as i went for youth my best season was the 2025/26 season when i won all 4 trophies up for grabs Ive made Stevie G manager ill be seeing how he goes with my squad & see it change look forward to FM 19 but you never know
  12. When I thought I was in decline in season 9 won all 4 trophies the league won on goal diff from both Mancs team as the 3 of us finished on 94 pts & in Jan was 11 pts behind Man City thought I was gone beat Utd in the league cup final ,Aston Villa in the FA Cup final & Man City in the champions league final might do 2 more seasons & close the door on FM 18 as I’ve achieved everything I wanted to achieve
  13. Lemar is like Sturridge IRL always injured in my save but he’s a gun when fit
  14. Have 2 who are 1st team regulars
  15. In my 8th season & ive gone trophyless for the 1st time City won the league again 3 pts behind me ive sold Van dyik as he wanted to leave Henderson will not be offered a contract as hes past his best Mane will be sold at seasons end as im doing a mini re build to challenge to titles again
  16. Derby did a Leicester City & won the champions league
  17. After wining 6 league titles in a row City ended my run & Derby in my save will play City in the champions league final least i won the league cup goal is to regain my league title of City
  18. Looks like my run of league titles is coming to a end & will most likely miss the comm shield first time since season one
  19. Made it 6 league wins in a row after being behind all season was 9pts behind in feb but came back with a storm
  20. Well I’m in April of season 6 what a comeback in Feb I was 9 pts behind Utd now I’ve gone ontop first time in 6 months if I don’t win it it means I’ll go trophy less for the first time in this save as I’ve lost in the league cup final to Utd also out of the champions league & Fa cup I have a ageing squad will need to replace some players slowly have 4 players in their 30s & Belotti is 29 so I may struggle weather I make it 6 in a row or not after this season
  21. I use 4-2-3-1 I’ll get the instructions later on
  22. 6 in a row is getting hard I’m 7 pts behind Man City in dec of season 6 after losing 3 of 4 games but will fight to the end
  23. Add the Fa cup to my trophy haul
  24. Just won the league for the 5th year in a row but this season was tough City was down my neck most of the season & Arsenal got relegated still have the Fa cup to win enjoying this save so far
  25. After winning 4 titles in a row I’m facing a uphill battle to make it 5 in a row some players are coming to the end might start a mini re build in the 2 years phasing out older players for younger players
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