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  1. I restarted my game completed season 1 in which I just won the league Man City are my boggy team as they’ve beaten me 4 of 6 times we played sold Salah for 150 mill to PSG & signed Mbappe for 190 mill so technically for 40 mill I did a overhaul of my squad I’m confident I have a squad to dominate everything I’ll post a review later 

  2. Season 3 review


    Fa cup:won

    Champions league :S/F

    League cup :3rd rd

    Comm shield:won 


    Lost the league by 3 pts to Utd who also knocked me out of the champions league heavy loss as well Haaland scored 39 goals in all comps was a poor season to many draws cost me as i only lost 2 games season 4 aim to get my league title back 

  3. Review Season 2


    Champions league:RU

    FA Cup:6th Rd

    league Cup:Won

    comm shield:Won

    European supercup:Won


    Had a great season again Salah was the star with 37 goals in all comps Mane is injured a lot but scored 18 goals already signed Haaland in season 3 will be interesting him & Salah in the same team 

  4. Got a long term save going into my 8th season won the league 6 years in a row & finished 4th did a mini re build as I had a aging squad got a lot of youth TAA is captain & Joe Gomez his vice as for FM 20 don’t think I’ll buy it on release day most likely when update 3 is out as the game isn’t fixed until then & normally do a long term save after the January update 

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