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  1. Im using windows 10pro version 1909 I tried uninstalling and re-instaling couple of times I did it aswell with the game and its still the same. This is the last database that I was editing. Database is verified and works fine in game. I would like to say also that if I try to install editor on other drive Im unable to open it at all. I just get error sound and after it editor closes by itself. Im frustrated. I love editing and I hope you guys can help me out to fix this. Italy 20 Divisions 7 cups (rules,prizes).fmf
  2. Hi. Can you please help me out? I dont know what to do :/ I have made few workshop items (data&league) so I know a litlebit about editor but today I wasnt able to find a solution its weird for me I never had this before When I want to make a new competition in editor usualy under the colors of competition I was able to select nation and under nation it was region (Europe etc) Now when I open the editor and if I go under database/competitions and if I want to make a new competitions there is no nation or region to select. What did I do wrong? Can you please help me out?
  3. Thank you Dusan. Yes I would love to work on Postojna club data for winter patch. I have sent you a private message.
  4. Hello. I would like to let you know that in Slovenian lower leagues NK Ankaran Postojna doesent exist anymore beucase of financial problems. The club is named now FC Postojna it was founded in Jul 1 2019 and is based in Postojna. Stadium is same Sportni park Postojna Website of the club www.fcpostojna.eu Here is link to the transfermarkt page: https://www.transfermarkt.com/fc-postojna/startseite/verein/76422 Also some players are missing Chinwendu Nkama (curently in NK Ankaran Postojna) but he plays for FC Postojna (on loan from Lugano u21) Alen Agic also is curently at Ankaran but actualy plays for FC Postojna Dejan Milakovic is missing (joined on free tranfer) David Darmanovic (Joined from Villacher SV on sept 12 2019) There are some other players that are missing Afolabi David Ayodeji Salanovic Edvin Cekaj Romario Adanemhen Ephraim Onosetale Ibrisimovic Adis Here is link to the competition mybe it helps in some way: https://www.mnzkoper.com/index.php?sezona_id=7168&liga_id=7184&krog_id=7313&zapisnik=zapisnik&media=&page=tekmovanja_new2016&item=9 https://www.mnzkoper.com/index.php?sezona_id=7168&liga_id=7184&krog_id=7313&zapisnik=lestvica&media=&page=tekmovanja_new2016&item=9 I apologize for poor writing in English. Please fix it if you can.
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