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  1. Ah promising I'll go and have a look! Towards the back end of the season now and comfortably in third, my main issue has been draws the Glasgow clubs haven't taken 3 points off me between them and I even managed to beat Celtic at Park Head. Just consistency that I'm lacking so far, but with time I hope that will come.
  2. Just wondering how difficult it is to become an actual title challenger in the SPL, looking at the available budgets and prize money for 3rd place it seems like challenging for the title with Aberdeen could take a very long time. Anyone have any experience?
  3. Started up a network save with a friend, I can attend press conferences and make offers for players. He can only add players to shortlist and cannot attend press conferences at all, any ideas? Also his shortlist fills up everytime we press continue and he ends up with hundreds of emails every time
  4. Villa had a goal against me disallowed by VAR in the carabao cup, there isn't VAR in the carabao cup.
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