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  1. The new update of Kompany is now good, he's assistant and player. But I noticed he's now injured at the beginning of the season for 2-4months. It's a fact that he's injured at the moment (will be back in one week) but he was fit at the beginning of the season. Shouldn't this be changed in the final release so we can start with 'a not injured' Kompany 😁
  2. I found exactly the same laptop for €100 less. The only difference is 8GB RAM while the more expensive one has 16GB RAM. But I play only FM without other programs on the back so I think 8GB is enough?
  3. Thanks for your help. In this years bèta I had some problems playing 3D on high quality. That's why I want to buy a new one. Was never happy with my Acer anyway. Could it be that the bèta has some problems that effect the 3D on my Acer now? Or is my laptop too old for smooth 3D? I have now Acer with I5-4210H 2.9GHz with turbo boost up to 3,5GHz.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M with 4GB dedicated VRAM and 8GB memory. I also have HDD and No SDD
  4. I only play FM on my laptop. Processor Intel Core i7 Processor-nummer 8750H Processor kernen Hexa core (6) Processor codenaam Coffee Lake Kloksnelheid 2,2 GHz Turbo snelheid 4,1 GHz Cachegeheugen 9 MB Is this enough info to say something about the i7 processor?
  5. I want to buy a new laptop for FM 20 and want your opinion. I like to play 3D with high graphics, Quick loading and a good database for the next years. I found a laptop of Asus with this specs: 15,6 inch, RAM 16GB, Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 with 4GB workmemory, Full HD(1080p), refresh rate of 60hz, Intel core i7, turbo speed 4,1GHz, cash memory 9MB, SSD(256GB) +HDD (1000GB) What's your opinion?
  6. I think it's possible to put an agreement in the database. This is an example of an agreement
  7. Mohammed Guindo from Anderlecht has signed in real life his first pro contract at the age of 16. If you start the game at 01/07 he's only 15 and wont sign a new contract. Is it possible to change this in the release? An option that he has an agreement with te club?
  8. In the first bèta version if you you are manager of Anderlecht, Kompany was not in the selection. If you searched him he was only a manager and not a player anymore. In the update of today, you can find him as a Free player. I assume that he will be in my selection if I manage Anderlecht on the official release?
  9. Sambi Lokonga just turned 20. His birthday is the 22/10/1999. I think his potential should be at least 3,5 stars, maybe 4
  10. Jeremy Doku from Anderlecht can also Play as AMR. Not his best position but he has to be able to develop as a goed AMR
  11. Alexis Saelemaekers from Anderlecht is formed as an AMR winger. He also has the ability to play as AML (not mentioned now) en AMC. His attacking position right in defense is correct
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