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  1. Lübeck player Kim Dongsu seems to be twice in the database with two different names, Kim Dongsu and Kim Dong-Su. Sorry if it has been reported already, I didn't read the entire thread
  2. There is an error in Guyon Philips' transfer history: he played with Víkingur Ólasfvík in 2018, not Vikingur Gota
  3. Cédric D'ulivo should be in FH squad for the 2019 season. He's without contract when starting early 2019 but his contract ended in October 2019 IRL.
  4. Another point that I did not mentioned in my previous post: the "early pre-season" date should be changed to January 20-25th when starting a new save in Allsvenskan. It is currently on February 4th and you cannot play the first friendlies because of that.
  5. Thank you so much for pointing this issue ! I desperately hope it will be fixed some day, it ruins so many seasons and careers when you play in Sweden...
  6. He has chosen Iceland and got his first cap on January 2018 but it was for an unofficial friendly game... He's currently an important player with Iceland U21 but he's still eligible with Denmark until he plays an official game with Iceland
  7. Hi Simon, Hákon Arnar Haraldsson appears with two different profiles and names in FC Copenhagen U19 (Hákon Arnar and Hákon Arnor).
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