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  1. To complete @Tocraft's report, the problem is that Fram history is also including Norwegian teams (probably Fram Larvik and Fram Skatval) for the 2019 season. Picture is from 21.3 database.
  2. Hi team, Nîmes will have a new 13.600 seats stadium starting from season 2024-2025 (could be a bit later since the paperwork has been delayed with the current situation). Official name is not known yet but the project is called "Stade Nemausus". The old "Stade des Costières" will be demolished mi-2021 and the team will play in a temporary structure but I don't know if this is something which can be integrated inside the database. Additional information about the "Stade des Costières": Nîmes can only play in Ligue 1 under an exemption, there is therefore no way the stadium would be ap
  3. This schedule problem when reaching a European competition group stage has been reported for years... I gave up all hope of seeing it resolved someday
  4. Hi davie77, it is already possible to start before the lengjubikar but the option is at the bottom (I almost missed it myself ):
  5. The first time he played there it was because of/thanks to injuries. But even though we can feel it's not his natural position, he's now the first choice when all the players are available.
  6. Hi team, Can you consider adding the right back position to Guðlaugur Victor Pálsson (Darmstadt) since he mainly plays there with Iceland (7 times out of his 10 last caps, including tonight)? Can be confirmed here: https://www.transfermarkt.com/victor-palsson/nationalmannschaft/spieler/97241/verein_id/3574 Thanks for your work (and your patience )
  7. Hi all, The beginning date is March 30th when starting a new save in early 2020 season but the Swedish Cup is played in February-March except the final in May. As the Allsvenskan starts in June the schedule should be adjusted with the Cup fully played in April/May. Or at least the possibility to start the 2020 season earlier, in mid-January as it it usually.
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