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  1. @Christopher Lewis I started this game early December, so could you look to the newgens. Because I have the problem, that they are not so muc second nationalities were. I know, this problem was fixed in an update, but my savegame has also this problem. So, they are actually dual nationalities, but not so much. Can you increase this number? Thanks a lot for your work!
  2. Dear Christopher, thanks a lot, I uploaded the file. Yaroslav Volkov – Interpianurese 2038.1
  3. I am currently in 2037 (and simulated to 2060) to see if my club build a new stadium, but that is not the case. My stadium has a capacity of 12000, but every game the stadium is full since 5 seasons. Please fix it, so I can build a new stadium. Thank you very much. Yaroslav Volkov – Interpianurese 2038.1
  4. Hey, I really like your skin and it is definitely my favourite one. But I have two questions. First, dou you will create a light version? As I know your work from the last FM, you probably will not do a light version. (However I want to ask) And how I can "delete" your flags in the skin?
  5. I loaded many players from various nationalities. In the first year each country generated newgens. But in the second and third year most of the european countries did not generated them, only a few weak nations like Georgia, Island. I play in Italy and Italian Regens are the only one who generated in the Top 5 european championships, therefore they are to overpowered right now. I had similar problems in last FMs, but I think it is because an custom italian database that I use. Can someone fix this problem, although the problem is probably caused beacuse my editor file?
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