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  1. have done this and same result.
  2. Very frustrated. Haven't played the game for a while due to net being down and not being able to launch steam. Have now done so, went to launch fm... error message: Error: Unable to find some essential data. Please ensure that the game is installed correctly. If the problem persists, please contact technical support. After a couple of quick searches I took the advice of reinstalling, so at the expense of much time I uninstalled and then installed. However, launched again and same problem. Gutted. PLEASE HELP ME!
  3. I have and saw no record of it. Thanks for that constructive reply.
  4. Can someone tell me if the crash caused by having resigned as an international manager been resolved by the new patch?
  5. fair enough, good answer!
  6. Why does it not allow me to search within 30 seconds of a previous search. In my case I had inadvertently made a spelling error, so tried to retype, but it made me wait. I imagine it is also often the case that one search does not produce desired results so someone needs to slightly change the wording. My point is, if they want to encourage people to search rather than re-post the same old hat, then why put restrictions (that on the face of it appear unnecesarry) on the search engine?
  7. oh it is through steam btw, if that makes any difference
  8. My patience is being severely tested. I am running 7 leagues from 4 countries on a pretty good spec new computer. My game was running without a problem, had two seasons at real madrid and it was nice and speedy. For some reason the game has started to delay whenever I click on anything. So if I click on a player there is a five second delay before his profile comes up, and likewise if I hit back or click on anything else. It is doing my head in. I have done a few searches and tried to follow the advice I could understand, but nay good. I have recently took a job as milan manager, and this kinda coincides with when it started running slowly. Pleas help!
  9. The Never Quite Made Its

    falcao, crap stats but awesome goal scorer a couple of years back when you could sign him from river
  10. Still not a fan. Too many times I have been forced to sell a player (for never more than their MV!) because I clicked the wrong multiple choice answer! I'm all for getting the interaction module in the game, it is a big part of modern football IRL, but it is so basic, and so easy to p**s a player off. Would rather not have it at all than in its current format.
  11. A strange co-incidence, added just yesterday: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/233469-The-Never-Quite-Made-Its
  12. The Never Quite Made Its

    Some great shouts to add there, Harpal Singh! Ha, remember that Leeds youth set up was awesome- simon johnson was it, AMRC...
  13. Hello Was just wondering if any of you guys know if the new editor will enable me to create a non league continental competition? Was hoping to have one where the winners of the conference go in to a cup with the winners of similar tier/ level of teams from around europe. Would this be feasible?