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  1. Miles says it's in the game already but they can't announce it! Started with 1860 Munich imagine it will be some sort of challenge!
  2. Expecting a negative spin on this post and the people of SI Forums did not disappoint 😂
  3. If you use the presets and then complain that the game is too easy, then I would suggest trying to create a tactic from scratch. With Leeds I was flying at the top of the league using Bielsa style tika taka preset, however when changing to my own tactics the game seems much harder.
  4. Ah good. People can complain about this video instead of the BETA coming out...good work
  5. Being a big Leeds fan I agree could be fun this year especially with some of the players at our disposal. Saiz, Allisoki, Hernandez must all have some very good technical attributes, above the majority in the league I would have thought. Personally hope that they have increased our attendances significantly, with every game this year being a sell-out to have 23/24k at a game is just not realistic any longer.
  6. I got it off sortitoutsi as I use their content a lot and thought that FM18+Touch+Premium Subscription was very good value, saves having to mess about finding multiple links for kitpacks/logos/backgrounds etc. Paid £38
  7. Guessing this might be a bug for a pirated version of the game? I've never come across it in my 1,000 hours of FM in 16 (Seems to get less and less the older I get!!!)
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