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  1. What about next years FM game, what if SI are not able to fix the flaws of the current ME are they just going to feed the customer garbage once again?
  2. How many goals have you scored in the league and how many clear cut chances have you had? I have had 44 clear cut chances, but I have only scored 10 goals in total during the season which would give me a conversion rate for clear cut chances of 22,7%, but i know that not all of my goals come from clear cut chances. How many CCC have you had and how many goals have you scored?
  3. Another one just because (The goal i scored was not a clear cut chance). What even is the point of the CCC stat and btw do not tell me that the stats in your studio are equivalent to real life, because that is a blatant lie
  4. haha (I know it is just one example, but i could not be bothered to show more)
  5. A clear cut chance is not a clear cut chance. Imma explain later
  6. There is an issue with Frank Arnesen's career stats. His 1975/76 season stats are placed between the 83/84 and the 84/85 season stats
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