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  1. Hey, it's me again. Seeing the match between Lyon and Sochaux on TV inspired me some other features that could be nice : - The weather conditions were awful on this game and technically gifted players were penalized. It always seemed to me that in FM, it doesn't affect technique that much. Maybe need to tweak that ? - Match postponement due to weather, bring it back please ! Also match being cancelled after one half because of bad conditions (I know it"s becoming rare with great clubs having top-notch stadiums, but happens a lot with smaller clubs/leagues) - Weather conditions changing DURING the match and compelling teams to adapt (I think I saw it in FIFA, not manager, the arcade one) And other things I'm thinking of at the moment : - More influence from your captain over the team, reflecting on the players'motivation and morale and, why not, captain giving his word in the halftime talk. This of course, leaves a door open for captain/manager conflicts and, uh, "psychological sparks" - More detailled coverage when you sign a player who has been "Player of the Year" or best scorer the year before, adding pressure or having effects on motivation - In the "Get team report" screen, your assman could add comments on playing style, for exemple "Your Ass.man considers that due to Players X,Y,Z main qualities and style of play, your team is perfectly suited to playing a fast, attacking football". Nice touch for the beginners, I think. - Regarding controversial decisions (offside goals, denied or unfair penalties...), I guess it is the game who decides they are controversial ? Why not having a "Discuss decision" button during the match play to "record" a game fact that could be brought back after the game. Exemple : you lose the ball on a "shoulder-to-shoulder" duel and your player even gets a slight injury, but the referee lets the play go on. The opposition scores. You press "Discuss decision" and after the game, you can blast anyone involved (referee, opponent...) - Talking of slight injuries, knowing what the injury is and whether it's important or not (as your physios, if they have gone to the injured players, should have their opinion on it) would be great. Once again, I remember having seen it in the old CM days when it said in the player's profile : "Injury type (potentially)" - Being able to criticize brutal players that injure 1 player per game (I know, it's not the first time I say that). Brutal players being suspended. - More info on the clubs themselves, stating for exemple if they are a traditional "youth talent factory", who are their historical great players and managers... - Being able to choose how much players must be in the wall on freekicks situations - Goalkeepers yelling on their defenders after a goal or a dangerous situation ! - Playable French CFA !!! African leagues also. - More regional interactions, that would be especially useful in lower leagues - More contracts options like continental match fees or wage increase if the club gets CL, a big fee if the club wins the comp... - Better coding of time wasting. When the AI uses it, it takes 3-4 minutes ,(in game time) for a throw-in, and when I tell my players to do so, they only waste 20 secs before throwing in. Or maybe does the AI player deserve a yellow card for unsporting behavior ? - Highlight goalkeepers that make a clean streak (x games without conceeding a goal) Well enough for now. Maybe more later
  2. Here are my 2 cents, contains things that have been said before and things that haven't : - more feedback from your staff regarding player's form eg "Player X performed very well today when training free kicks" or "Player Y looked out of form after shadow play this afternoon" (I think Ihave seen this in the old CM days...) - more feedback from scouts regarding strenghts and weaknesses for the players scouted,as it wasin older games : "Player X seems to be a great corner taker, but he also looks lazy on the pitch" - much much more media items, including those who bring more atmosphere : media puuting the pressure on important games, like derbies or clasico (Barca/Real or Marseille/PSG comes to mind), involving managers, players, fans... Or making us feel a European Cup game differently from a domestic league game,as for the moment it's pretty much the same. - Make the fans have more personality by having their own stats (fidelity, patience, ability to be the 12th man...) - Be able to use the team's nicknames in other languages than english ! - The idea to begin as a reserve or youth manager is a great one. Adds carrer game value - When a player retires, have a more complete report on him if he has been a good or a great player, not only # of games played, # of caps... Would be nice to see his achievements (leagues&cups won...) as well as some other things like "Player X formed a wonderful pair of defenders at club Y when he played with Player Z" or "Player X can be dubbed a mercenary as he has played for 16 clubs in his 20 year career" - Add other youth club teams (U17 for exemple) so we can have even more fun and more possibilities building the top team from the ground to the ceiling - The International part needs more : squad numbers (but IIRC it will be in '07), more feedback on players being called for the first time (maybe with the ability to comment if it's one of my players), players being ignored by the national manager (like in France with Giuly, Anelka or Pires), ability to tell the media how our players deserve a call-up, media speculations about players showing up themselves in international games or being the next superstar in youth tournaments... - Again, enhance the atmosphere regarding club achievements, for exemple clinching promotion or playing their first ever Europe game, or being back in the division/competition after x years. This must be visible in the media items and in the fan's attitude, having them bringing "football fiesta" for such remarkable events. - Ability to make other players/managers aware of your manager persona. For exemple if you're a discipline-addict with your players, or if you keep your star player altough he's much wanted everywhere in Europe, that should appear in your reputation. After all that's a way among others to get respected as a manager. - As said by many people here, agents, as they are a part of the real game, should appear more in FM. Players can influenced by them, being led to quit a club when they are living great, just for more money. - Being linked with above, players can also have their own idea on moving clubs. It can be because they want to play the continental comp, or because they are willing to play with another great player or under a manager they like. This could be displayed not only after the transfer has been completed, but be taken as part of the pre-transfer speculations - More coverage on late bloomers being average players for x years and then taking the spotlight after great performances, and as well... - ...Media coverage on ex-future-stars who did slump because of too much pressure, injury blow or hazardous carrer choices (for exemple, in France we had Camel Meriem or Benoit Pedretti who are good players, but according to what they showed when they were younger, were expected to be much better). This can be easily made I thing, by taking in consideration PA and CA. This also could lead to news items or manager commenting they are willing to re-launch player in their club. - Being able to explain why you replaced a player or why he isn't playing tonight is a great feature for man-management - Someone posted something on "player memories". That's great ! Players remembering a harsh or unfair loss in a game has an impact on morale and motivations. - So we could also bring "fan memories". An emblematic player quits your club. When he's back with his new team on your grounds, he could get a more or less warm welcome from the fans; they can applause him as he's left them a great souvenir (and why not having a pre-match ceremony when he gets a plate,flowers etc...) or they can boo him everytime he gets the ball as he is considered a traitor if he's gone to a rival club. This could even reflect in media items (as an exemple, when Fiorese or Dehu got from PSG to Marseille). That, added to the manager mind games and so, can enhance the "building rivalry" part that makes some club's "legend". Have to log off for now (it's football time on TV), but I have plenty others to post. Be back later
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