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  1. Alex Isak ( Real Soceidad ) - his ReleaseClause is wrong, its not 28Mil € its 70Mil € BVB also has a BuyBack Clause of 30Mil € ( until 30.06.2021 ) https://www.transfermarkt.de/alexander-isak/profil/spieler/349066 https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/real-sociedad/20190612/462840918164/oficial-isak-nuevo-jugador-de-la-real-hasta-2024.html https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/real-sociedad/20190614/462857454450/isak-el-mas-joven-de-la-historia.html
  2. thanks to you for changing some, but i hope they really do the rest .. cant really play with BVB right now, still missing 50% of U23 and U19 Squad =/
  3. @Simon Tipple Hey, i know you are busy .. and i dont wanna be annoying with it ... but i was wondering, what did happen to the BVB Mistakes? all the missing Players? =/ ( dont wanna repost my big post in site 2 ^^ )
  4. Pedrinho has a BuyOutClause of 10mil € or 8.5Mil GBP .. in the game, but that cant be right .. because he is still on his 30-12-2020 Contract, and that has a BuyOutClause for ForeignClubs in it for 50mil € / 42,75 mil GBP https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/report-bvb-negotiates-with-corinthians-pedrinho-ndash-more-expensive-than-diallo-/view/news/323488 https://esportes.yahoo.com/noticias/clube-que-se-reuniu-com-pedrinho-em-outubro-e-o-dortmund-204033238.html?guccounter=2&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudHJhbnNmZXJtYXJrdC5jby51ay9yZXBvcnQtYnZiLW5lZ290aWF0ZXMtd2l0aC1jb3JpbnRoaWF
  5. @Lukas27 like i said, how can something be broken, when you played 1 season when that happend? and tbh you cant compare Bochum to Düsseldorf. Bochum isnt the weakest Team in 2.Bundesliga, now should they play in the last third of the table -> which they are in ... because they are often unlucky, when have 7 Draws in 13 Games, Only 5 Teams have less Losses in RL. + they lost 2 against Stuttgart and HSV the strongest Teams in the League .. and they nearly beat Bayern in the Cup, they lost because a Talent made a Mistake at the End. so please dont act like Bochum is so weak in RealLi
  6. you cant really say they are OP, when you played 1 Season, at the End its a Simulation, so it always can happen. + Bochum doesnt have so weak Players in RL either, they just dont get the results. 7 Draws in 13 Matches in the League so far. Team would be OP if they would do that in 9/10 saves .. but not one, + we cant even see the Transfers, maybe they bought a good one?
  7. Red Bull Brasil .. one of the RedBull Teams .. doesnt exist anymore. Red Bull Bragantino, known as RB Bragantino or simply Bragantino, is a Brazilian football team formed by the merger of Bragantino with Red Bull Brasil Although the partnership began in April 2019, during the 2019 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B (second division of Brazilian football), the team will be called Bragantino and Red Bull will appear only as a sponsor. In the 2020 campaign the name will be changed to RB Bragantino.
  8. You mix something up i guess. First of all we have multiple Teams with Sponsor´s in their Name. RB Salzburg, RB New York, RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen. But you arent allowed to have a Sponsor in your Name in the Uefa Competitions. Thats why RedBull Salzburg has to "rename" them within the Uefa Games, as FC Salzburg. RB Lepzig, still can have RB in their Name, even in UCL .. because they arent referred as RedBull Leipzig, but as RasenBallsport ... everyone knows what the RB stands for, but officially its RasenBallsport aka RB. But i dont think they can change the Clubna
  9. https://www.transfermarkt.de/swantje-thomssen/profil/trainer/28654 BVB Youth 08/09 (01.07.2008) - 11/12 (30.06.2012) BVB II / BVB U23 12/13 (01.07.2012) - 14/15 (30.06.2015)
  10. and we shouldnt act like he is the world´s best striker after some good months ... this hype already is overtaking ... there is no need to boost him, just because he had a good start with Salzburg. he still needs to proof if he is consistent The Austrian league with all the respect .. isnt really good, and just because of his UCL Goals, thats no real reason to boost him right now.
  11. @Simon Tipple i didnt made the "Full Post" because i was in a need of a Reply i made it, because i guess its better to have it in one full post, and not 4+ small post´s. And that Friendship stuff, i mean i was just looking at the Social Group´s and that looked mixed up. Because i thought its like that, that the same Language and that kinda reflect it. so i was curious why a Player like Zagadou is in a "Spanish speaking Group" even tho he doesnt speak spanish. But Alcacer isnt in that Group. Or a born and raised in France Player like Guerreiro isnt in the French Group. dont really import
  12. https://community.sigames.com/topic/495372-germany-data-issues/?do=findComment&comment=12072679 https://community.sigames.com/topic/495372-germany-data-issues/?do=findComment&comment=12071446 https://community.sigames.com/topic/495372-germany-data-issues/?do=findComment&comment=12069729 https://community.sigames.com/topic/495372-germany-data-issues/?do=findComment&comment=12063412 If someone could delete those post´s, i sadly cant ... ---------- made one full post, with links and all that. BVB related Stuff: ** Former Players ** - Alexanders Isak
  13. since i was kinda busy with some other Leagues finding some Issues ... i love the MLS, i love my TFC Save every year .. so like everyone said, new Nations in Regens would be awesome. even in Canada, you have so many Canadians with an 2nd Nationality, like US, Jamaican, Japanese etc. this could be really big, because MLS really has so many Nationalities in their Youth Systems .. Mexicans, Latin Countries, caribbeans ... Asians, many Europeans especially Germans ( around 30% of Americans have German ancestors ) and so on. But yeah Miles already said in a Tweet and on his St
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