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  1. Just had the carabao cup final rearranged the day before it was due to take place - because West ham's fa cup game against Oxford was moved to the Monday for live coverage 🤔
  2. Firstly want to say I'm loving the game - big upgrade on 19 imo. Finished my 1st season with Man Utd - finished 4th which considering the signings (van de beek, partey, belotti, selke) doesn't seem to unreasonable. Apart from the one strange result (7-6 against Newcastle if you missed my other post) no major issues. Centre forwards miss to many 1-1s and annoyingly never square it when a team mate would have an open goal. Rashford was the Prems top scorer with 26 goals from the left wing. Pogba wanted a promise of champions League football
  3. Any one had any ludicrous results!? Just lost to Newcastle - I'm Man Utd - 7-6 with Allan at maxinmin and joleinton getting hatricks!
  4. Not a major issue - but an unrealistic one - I'm Manchester United and Frank Lampard comes to nearly all of my games to watch Marcus Rashford as he wants to sign him. This would never happen!
  5. @Smurf apologies - budget is around £500 but I have to purchase from Argos or PCworld - random but I have vouchers.
  6. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1997648 Sorry to ask again but what about this!
  7. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1997648 Could something like this run the game well?
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