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  1. That! I don't care when the last update drops, I only want to know when the ME is final and we aren't getting any new updates.
  2. As title, is ME2040 the last FM20 match engine or should we expect more updates? Thanks!
  3. Not sure if this belongs in the bug section, or me not knowing how to do it. How to hide "news" about other real managers in online games? I ticked the box in the options but it still hows "xx made an offer for yy" Thanks!
  4. Considering release date is today, let's consider yesterday as the last beta build to test and we should get the real product somewhere soon today so still the 19th!
  5. First ME in beta was 2000, last week we got 2016, and it turned to 2020 yesterday on launch.
  6. They don't know yet, so if you play, be aware you very well might have to restart from scratch
  7. With this and everything I read during the beta, sometimes you really wonder why SI even bothers releasing a beta to please us... Let them handle it the way they want.
  8. I'd holiday it to end of season to see what happens when you fail either attacking or defensive, or if they even add more.
  9. Are you on 20.1 (public opt-in beta) or in 20.0.4 (regular beta)? So ME 2016 or ME 2000?
  10. Is it "safe" to start a long term network save during beta like it is for single player, or much higher risk of it not being compatible after the 19th?
  11. Is it "safe" to start a long term network save during beta, or it might not be compatible unlike single player?
  12. What if it's not 4pm here yet? Still four hours to go!
  13. Thanks for the amazing answer. My worry was that some PA points would be wasted if trained wrong, but I guess it's no longer an issue after 18. Will try to apply that in my FM20 save!
  14. But, but, wasn't the game already ready for early november and only delayed to 19th for Stadia?
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