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  1. I'd holiday it to end of season to see what happens when you fail either attacking or defensive, or if they even add more.
  2. Are you on 20.1 (public opt-in beta) or in 20.0.4 (regular beta)? So ME 2016 or ME 2000?
  3. First computer, Windows 7, everything's working fine. Second computer, Windows 10, cloud saving is working but not local. Tried to run Steam as administrator, didn't changed anything. I can see the file in my local folder as I created it when starting the game. But then, fail to save game or fail to load game if I go to the local save.
  4. Is it "safe" to start a long term network save during beta like it is for single player, or much higher risk of it not being compatible after the 19th?
  5. Is it "safe" to start a long term network save during beta, or it might not be compatible unlike single player?
  6. What if it's not 4pm here yet? Still four hours to go!
  7. Thanks for the amazing answer. My worry was that some PA points would be wasted if trained wrong, but I guess it's no longer an issue after 18. Will try to apply that in my FM20 save!
  8. But, but, wasn't the game already ready for early november and only delayed to 19th for Stadia?
  9. Decided to tackle training for this year, I've read some great stuff from @Rashidi and various people here and on youtube on how to setup training and develop your regens and younger players. However, I still see most people on "Let's play" series loaning out massively. Provided they're playing in your reserve (under 23-20-19-18-you name it), wouldn't it be more effective to keep them at the club to heavily focus their training? Or is [first team football in higher leagues than reserve + good&higher training facilities] actually providing better results? Thanks!
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