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  1. Yeah, this one is funny, I play in Brazil and are often asked to comment on Argel ****s a press conferance. But I do the same as Argel so I never comment on that
  2. I have one stupid question about the tactical setting of my "prima punta" (my poacher) in a Milanesque 4-2-1-1-2: AF/DLF(a) P(a) AP/T(a) DLP(s) DMC(s) DMC(s) FB(s) CD© CD(s) FB(s) I sometimes play the AF/DLP on the left center position in attack (with roaming, moving into channels and high creative freedom) and the poacher in the center (with no roaming, no moving into channels, low creative freedom and mentality on maximum) while the AP/T (also put on roam from position and with high creative freedom but no moving into channels) is
  3. 2. you have to take into account that if a one footed player that does not have the PPM "avoids using weaker foot" will use his crap foot in the game and in that case the attribute for passing will be reflected by his attribute for his crap foot. for example if you have a 20/1 player with 17 in passing then when he uses his strong foot his passing attribute is 17 but when he uses his weaker foot then his attribute is 1 for passing with the weak foot if you have a player with 20/8 with 12 for passing then the passing attribute for passing with his weaker foot for him will actually be 8/20 = 0
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