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  1. What about shape? I've liked "structured" in 4-2-3-1 would you recommend a strong shape and allow creativity from individual areas?
  2. See, the whole team strategy list is something I've not gotten used to since the classic tactics mode was removed. I guess I'm still thinking the old way. The why I'd do the sliders on myself, I would not have conceptually compared it to how the FM counter-strategy is shaped.
  3. http://gyazo.com/8bc741a4a72b664d82ba2a39341e81b3 Basically I want my mid three to be able to pass a ball to each other without a limp foot and then the three men at front to make it possible for the Costa man to get some balls in. Right now I'm concerned with possession, I know I have good ball players but with all the "play short, retain" possession stuff, they can't seem to manage it. It just feels that in this way, the box is never threatened enough by my players but in the other formation it is because of the positional threat just having an AMC provides, I dunno, seems easier to feed balls to a central striker with an AMC than it is with two MCs that I want hovering up to the box to sneak balls in straight or wide. Also my fans are happy I'm doing lots of attacking football (thank you 4-2-3-1) and lots of goals, but apparently it isn't exciting....despite creating ridiculous number of chances. I can only assume the game counts high possession as 'exciting' so would like that to work out somehow. In older ones, I'd have everyone on same team mentality, the two DCs and DM only ones to differ. Fullbacks to be always bombing forward. And the two MCs and wide men to be roaming passers/creators for the one striker in the middle.
  4. These are my available players for season 2: http://gyazo.com/47b52ec1b19dfb641634ff3fbc21e1c1 This is the formation that isn't working as well as 4-2-3-2. Ignore the players positioned in this picture, I just directly switched from 4-3-2-1 just to show you the formation, Obviously Willian would not be where he is shown; http://gyazo.com/8763ed32b03c53b8566ba43f8a619770 Just that 4-3-2-1, I get a lot of chances on goal. 4-1-2-2-1 has a lot of off target chances and well, as I mentioned the before, the instructions I felt I could fine tune in classic mode has me struggling with roles for the two MC and wide men (I like the idea of inside forwards but it never feels its doing what I want) Anyway, not as dominant in terms of win in the UCL group stages as defending champions but we will probably still quality. Still only lost one game and that was charity shield, still keeping undefeated in all competitions. We're dipped formwise in terms of conceding goals that cost us a win. Really eager to get a possession attacking game with a holding DM which I feel gives me superior protection than the 4-2-3-1.
  5. I give up, the past 2-3 game versions 4-5-1/4-3-3 just hasn't seemed to work...I think its the whole player role system. Before I could specify player instructions in a way that I have no clue what player role fits what I used to use. For some reason, 4-2-3-1 just felt way easier to do.
  6. Hey guys been a while. Got a quad in the first season and undefeated season. The surprise was I didn't need to do much tinkering once I had my chosen player roles in a 4-2-3-1 system. I am determined, however, to try and get the old 4-3-3/4-5-1 working. Regardless, I managed to make RA not judge me on possession football and instead building up youths. Now the first season is pass, I'm on a spending spree of teenagers and hoping I can polish out some diamonds from the batch, and I'll keep doing that. Oh and I didn't like Lampard not being here so I put down £5 million, no questions asked to get him back and retire here. Drogba also retired here and is a coach. Hazard(treq) and Costa(poacher) were insane, I hope they continue in to the second season. Shurrle was also a surprise package for me playing phenomenally from the left and winning young player's award, so he'll be staying on. The only big buy I did for season 2 was Hulk. Wasn't really necessary but because I'm trying a different formation, I'm hoping Hazard and Hulk on the flanks will be an interesting combination with Costa in the middle leading the front. Cech outperformed Courtios and so he's still the main guy. Because I took Chelsea, Mourinho took City and well....we've had hell of a rivalry. Big verbal exchanges and big games. He had no chance in the league because he took over City when they were 6th and the FA Cup and Champions League final were his only chances at trying to score a win but my boys always managed to turn it up at the final 20 minutes to finish games with 2-3 goal leads (even if having to make a comeback) Ramires had long term injury and missed all the season outside 3 games, hamstring tears and broken legs did that. I'm still keeping him as back up, he's happy enough. The squad is large now, which I'm happy with. A lot of back up, a lot of youngsters that can be bled in over the following years (and will constantly be topped up every year). Edit: Ooops, the undefeated honeymoon is over. Lost my first match in the Charity Shield. RVP last minute winner....stings. Really don't want to return to 4-2-3-1 but from pre-season assessments the team seems incapable of keeping possession and creating chances if they play anything else.
  7. Club Rivalries

    I guess I'll have to do that for now.
  8. Are they capable of changing in the game? Just did a season run as City and given they were my main rivals throughout (faced them in FA cup and Champion's League final) and had lots of war of words with Mourinho (I took over Chelsea so he moved over to City) It would make sense, that if this were to continue, Chelsea and City develop a "competitive" rivalry. Especially when Mourinho and myself are always having big games against each other and also spicing it up with our media antics.
  9. I may just be paranoid but sometimes I feel that when I tell my players to pass short, they are literally kicking the ball with less power. Meaning sometimes the ball falls short of reaching the player. As if, "well you wanted a short pass, so I'm only kicking it 5 metres, even though the team mate is 6 metres away!"
  10. The game keeps making my single striker "mark specific player" and usually it is the opposition DMC. The thing is, I even disabled my AssMan's opposition instructions so no-one should be applying this player instruction to him.
  11. Think the problem is the varying ideas about "roles" already. I'd have just preferred basic "defender, midfielder, winger, attacker" and then being allowed to give instructions on those very understandable basic roles to 'tune' with style.
  12. Is it normal for after two quadruples in a row, with the last season being undefeated that the contract renewal will come with a pay cut? Or is it just something unique about Roman Abramovich to not reward success properly? My players can argue for a better contract based on performance.... why can't I?
  13. So it is final day of the season. Man Utd and Chelsea are both in their respective games vs weak opponent. The title race down to the wire, only one point between them. We get the media article, "Premier Division Weekend Preview". What is the "top clash" of the weekend? Newcastle vs Tottenham. Two clubs 6th and 7th respectively with no change possible between them... Great work media! The media system needs some fine tuning in what to acknowledge in the game world, it really detracts from the authenticity. I can't imagine Sky Sports disregarding the title race between two world clubs for some 6/7th position clash that has no effect on the League standings.
  14. Team talking that isn't conflicting turn-based system. What I mean is, I want to tell my whole team they were lucky to get a result (because we were) but then single out the one or two players that did well. This can not happen right now, because as soon as I do the team talk first, the ones that did well get angered/confused. And when I try to address them directly to let them know they did well, they just end up more confused because they already got demoralised from the team talk. That doesn't seem very intuitive to how I need to praise and criticise varying levels of performance from the team as a whole and the players specifically within it. Maybe allow me to apply all the conversations I want, then a "submit" button so the responses are more relevant to the considered interactions I had.
  15. His high mental stats will naturally control how much he'll run, he'll pick his moments. Infact, most of his goals are sweet strikes from outside the box. (So many times he'll lurk during corners. They play it short and send it directly to Lamps who smashes it in. Of course, as well as goals he's doing sweet sweet through balls for Aguero to pick up on. One was a side foot back heel sort of thing. Looked amazing.) I do play him in MC. I'm still doing the classic 4-3-3 style, basically. It works. Aguero has been phenomenal as the spear head. Mata and Hamsik on either side. Of course Hamsik's injuries created an interesting development. He offered on contract renewal, himself, to be a squad rotation player. It was like, yeah, he knows he won't be playing much cause of his fitness levels. I've only kept Lamps playing so long since my young newgen MCs are still taking time to find their feet and the likes of Asamoah and Lamps manage to still force themselves into the team. Plus of course he is Vice Captain. I might not renew Terry's contract though, I'm in a process of controlling wages under 100k and it is only the old guard players that really force that issue. Lamps is immune to such limitations of course. He'll get whatever he wants.