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  1. I went back and checked game by game and they added up. So I think they're right. My last 10 games CCC - 1,6,5,2,3,2,1,2,2,3
  2. 15 CCC in a game ? Blimey. Just looked at my last 10 games and I'm averaging nearly 3 a game and the opposition 1.5. I'm scoring about 1 in 2 which seems ok. Regular games with 15 CCC seems an awful lot, my highest is 6.
  3. Just had my first penalty shoot out this season in Round 1 of the Carabao Cup. I played mainly my fringe players and u23s and there were 11 scored out of 14.
  4. Got Bolton up in season 1. Just glad that the data was locked before the EFL deduct another 12 points. Minus 24 would have been a bit too steep. Everyone’s contract was up so let them all go. Just about to start season 2 with a practically new squad. The oldest player is 26. Should be a fun season.
  5. On a Mac you just highlight the 1st row and drag downwards.
  6. I have the opposite issue, just sold three squad players for way more than their value without doing anything. Premier league teams falling over themselves to make increasingly higher bids.
  7. I went to an actual game today, which featured a red card, a missed penalty, an injury time winner, a one on one that hit the post, a missed open goal, several long shots, zero creativity in midfield, lots of wide play with full backs very prominent, defenders passing the ball to the opposition when under no pressure, goalkeepers kicking straight into touch for no reason, 33 shots in total, 16 corners, lots of misplaced passes and one team packing the box with half a dozen players. FM20 doing a decent job of simulating League one football. Really enjoying the Beta, the ME is great f
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