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  1. @Dan BHTFC I do not know if this person got permission to use your database or not, but he does mention he took your database in the description. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2035200467
  2. It would be so cool if this became a community project.
  3. I just learned this yesterday after poking around. So I think that's what I will be do just focusing on the birthcity and youth academy and see how it goes. I don't see why not.
  4. Is it possible to make a Scout or DOF with range limited to one city? Specifically for youth packages. And if so can someone explain how?
  5. So I want to do a challenge that is a modification of the youth academy challenge. I want the focus to be youth development but to expand it to players only who grew up or live in the city. Is there a way to modify the DOF or the scout to only look in the city the team is in? I'm thinking that I can only transfer in players younger then say 23 maybe even 20. No loans in. I can loan out. And win the the champions league and top league with this strategy.
  6. So I changed my PF to a Target Man, that seemed to work really well. I won the first two playoff games pretty convincingly. I lost the final :(. So it's interesting but I had a similar thought when I was wondering why the Target Man was working so well. I feel I should expect goals from the counter, but I feel my setup between my DLP, CM(A), W(S), for the most part would like build up on the play. I think may be something I experiment with next season. I will look at the Direct counter and Fluid counter templates. You know you're pointing out something that is making me feel stupid. I have noticed the majority of mistakes on my team always comes from my DR. I think it may be because he's always trying catch up to the left winger because he was beat on that side on the break. would have switching to support be enough? How should i remedy the left side? Switch him to attack. There are far fewer attacks on the left side.
  7. So we just made the playoff's. We did well with this tactic up until the last half of the season. I have tried a lot of different adjustments in the team instructions to no avail. I have also tried to adjust some roles and duties. I am looking for any advice but meanwhile I've had a few observations. Most of the goals scored against me are from crosses. I tried having a higher LOE and higher defensive line, but when I do that the opposing wingers abuse the space behind my defensive line on the break. I have some nice chances created but a lot of shoots off target is there a way to adjust that? My best inside forward in this instance Jeffrey Monakana the one on the best he dribbles past who ever guards him in this league for a good open shot. He's right on target but always into the keepers arms or off target. I don't believe he scored like that once in the entire season. So my question is there something I can improve to make his chances better or is he just not good enough at finishing. Similarly my MC(A) Dominic Vose does not break through the way I hoped they would in terms of dribbling and shooting. Any Ideas? My PF(S). I have tried as DLF(S), Poacher(A). I have also tried inverting the two AM's so IF(S) and W(A) it did not seem to change much. Thanks!
  8. What's the best way to build a squad after just being promoted? This is from Vanarama south, to Vanarama National.
  9. So I initially changed based on your recommendations to have no work into the box. I changed the DM to stay on defense. I changed to have no overlap for fullbacks. It did not help immediately. But I believe two instructions have the biggest impact. Andthat is: line of engagement Focus distribution on flanks or on playmakers in the middle of the pitch. Im not sure why this is any thoughts.
  10. Dulwich Halmet about to be in the regulation zone then. Thanks for the advice.
  11. He just got injured for 7 months. He's like 10% of my total payroll...Whelp this should be fun.
  12. So funny result, we won the next on some errors on the other team( still no clear cut chances). We received 3 straight injuries at the AML, and AMR positions. The players were completely fresh too. They are out 2 months, 3 months, 7 months. The last one is my star player.
  13. I'm playing a lower league save and just got to a club and one of the players is much too expensive. How can I best let me him know there is no hard feelings and get him off my payroll? He has another year on his contract.
  14. I initially tried the tactic without the "work the ball into the box" but the players would shoot really often from outside the box, without any particularly good accuracy. I honestly wasn't as concerned about the risk as much as I was concerned that I can't score, but I will give it a try.
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