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  1. Yeah it's definitely something they need to adjust. I just hope they do it by release.
  2. The biggest thing I am holding out for now is I would really hope SI would adjust all the players that start with 1 in determination. They have acknowledged it as an error in the way they released it, I just hope they fix it on or before the release date.
  3. So I was looking through different clubs to start a save with when FM20 is fully released and I noticed some clubs have a preferred culture of signing players from countries that isn't theirs. Such as a 1 Dezembro in the lowest league in Portugal. They ask you to sign Canadian and Ghuayan players, which is awesome! This seems like it could be a very unique challenge. So I'm raising this to ask are their anyone clubs that have really interest cultures that anyone has noticed?
  4. I'm interested in trying this challenge. Where do you think may have the greatest challenge even later in the upper league? I read another post about the EPL and how absurd the money gets in it, so you have a situation of buying whatever you want. I want to avoid something like that.
  5. Summary: Player's in Under 18's have obscene wages Description of Issue: Started a save and the two of the under 18's make three times the amount my star player makes. Steps to Reproduce: Just start a dorking wanders save. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Zaire Selden - Dorking.fm
  6. Is there an area in the game or files that I can pull out and read all the hints and tips in the game? I think many of them are very useful to me, but the sometimes scroll a little too fast.
  7. Hmm. For instance the largest value in FM19 was to make a contract on a decent player with a decent wage for 2 years and give them a huge sell on percentage. I not am not able to recommend two year contracts anymore. Also many of the clauses do not seem regularly available upon purchasing. Is it possible the board is restricting me?
  8. I posted this on reddit but I didn’t get any replies, so I’m trying here.
  9. I click next, next, and then after it focuses on filter and tries to remove that box around filter the induction freezes. Not the game just the induction. It seems this only occurred when I initiated the scouting induction manually. when it showed up in my inbox it worked just fine. I had an issue with the transfer induction not starting as well. So I made a new save and the transfer induction seems to work now.
  10. Has this been finished somewhere else? As a brand-new person to football and FM this is the best guide I have found anywhere.
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