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  1. Most of the players I sign I put on to the wage budget so they do not eat into the overall balance, so part-time contracts.
  2. Maybe this is too broad but in my lower league save how do I make every signing meaningful? When I sign while playing my semi-pro side they just kind of all feel like they are just filling numbers in the squad. Even though I know they ultimately probably won't stay. I would like feel like I cared about these players somewhat. Does anyone know what I mean?
  3. How is his acceleration and pace in comparison to others in the same area, maybe that makes the difference. All that said I always feel like it is hard to quantify how good some players are by looking at their stats.
  4. Which file specifically would conflict which "An enchanced newgan experience" alternative youth ratings?
  5. Pretty cool stories keep it up. I have been looking to make roaming playmaker work for a while, but it has been tricky.
  6. If do not mind not having the colors you can do that without the skin. In the preferences> skin color> advanced>the last column types 1 for everything in that column.
  7. On that same note what would I need to add from another skin to change the coach summary?
  8. Ok, if that is all you can do. That is all you can do. It will still be useful. It just should be used sparingly.
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