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  1. But if I would score one or two from over 20 chances would help a lot, is it?
  2. I meant my AMR, AML and CM has scored a lot goals and they are natural at their positions. They play there as well. I have two 5-stars strikers and they play on striker position obv(I just rotate them). They shot many times (about 20 every match) most of it is not even on target. They both do not score. So I though to change their role(mistaken I said position but I meant role). I know the tactic look attacking but I have what I want - a lot of shots. But my strikers cannot score goals. This is the main issue. I was asking how to make them score goals. What attribute would be great for st
  3. Not really. I have more than 20 shots on opposite goal and about 5 on target. Zero goals. My opponent has about 4 shots and all of them on target. I do loose only 1:0 almost every match. It is attacking because it looks solid defensively. I am proud of it. But lack of goals makes me loosing matches by one goal only...I should score much more. If my striker would score as suppose to I would not mind loose one or two goals. At the begining of season I was playing same way as I said and only AML and AMR and MEZ scored goals. Then I was winning matches 4:1, 6:2. It
  4. Hello everyone, I manage The Championship side Millwall 7 years in the future. I am about in the middle of the season. I need your advice what position and what skills striker I need for my side to score some goals. My situation looks that: - I am 10th in the league so far - Plays possession and my club is the best with passes and possession in the league. - My side is 4th in the league about taken shoots and a bit sad is the most shots are from my strikers and the most of them are not on target. - My best strikers at club currently are AML AMR and CM
  5. Hello everyone! I have a tactic formation 4-1-2-2-1 DM wide. My players are based on positions(not the perfect one in their profile but I found theirs skills to be good enough and it works). My main tactic is: AFat IFsu Wat MEZat BBMsu HBde WBat CDde CDde FBau SKsu My team is doing just fine. I am happy about it. Question is if in case that I would like to keep formation but change some position(which still I think players would be capable to play) do
  6. Hey all, Thank you all for that you tried to help me. At this moment I have started new save with second division in Czech(Do not really remember club's name). That club predicted to finish 6th but so far in the middle of season I am 1st - 2pts clear of second place. I have used your advices(middle table club, not too big and not too small, look at players and use tactic that suits them)and using compilation of tactics from here - it looks work. I am afraid only, if I get promotion to first division, do not be the first one to relegate. But I have still half season ahead to ge
  7. Hello everyone! FM19 is the first game from them I play. My first save went terrible wrong with many teams sacked me many times as I could not give them any wins. Literally any... I have started my second save. And I decided to run small team with lower expectations from me. It is 3rd German division's club Aalen. I did not have a big budget so first summer transfer window went with just one free agent brought to club for CM position. I have started season with possession play with 442 formation. First 3 matches ended with draws 0-0. Then I started to loose ag
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