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  1. with the absolute shambles the ME is its a massive no from me.
  2. Stuck to my 4-3-1-2 as not got the players or money to change system. Just beat a solid Southampton side 5-0 , Hat-trick of headers from my CB from 2 free kicks near the half way line and a corner.... a out the box rocket from my LB with his 7 long shots and an actual goal from my AM who made a run for a change. Other than the AM goal very little to non-existent central play. Team dynamics are far to sensitive to how the team plays, 1 defeat and its like the world is ending
  3. what on earth has happened to defending.... they seem to be even more clueless now than ever. Its either pass-back after pass-back to the goalkeeper when another pass is clearly on, taking 10 mins to decide what they are going to do so lose the ball resulting in a 1 on 1 or 3 players charge to the same player to close down leaving other players free making schoolboy football look high level, Balls to the back post where a winger has 10 yards of space to read the paper then pick his spot is still a massive issue Let me add goalkeepers are back to more statues also
  4. OK.... so which one is it then?? useful partnership or a poor one
  5. If that is the case then it needs to be worded differently as its clearly still a weakness regardless of effort being made in training. deffo agree that it seems pointless on the focus training as i can't say any improvements on any player on the focus points
  6. Still far to many headers going over the bar Defenders wanting to take 45 mins to pass a ball in the box resulting in losing the ball and conceding a goal, adding that at the halfway line wanting to boot the ball back to the keeper when a simple sideways pass is on. 1 on 1 shots are as good as passbacks to the keeper sometimes they are that weak Yellow cards on standard tackling still an issue, get stuck in, i dread to of that bloodbath narrow formations still very weak with most things going wide Also the training information is still laughable.... got a defender on quickness training but its now no longer a weakness with his stats at Acc 9 and Pace 10
  7. Agreed, especially compared to the opposition who seem to finish most chances
  8. Getting the training advice summary and players i have on whatever individual training getting "no longer a weakness" What stat number is not considered a weakness anymore?? Got my GK on short GK distribution for vision, passing and first touch with his stats being 8, 8 and 10 still very much improvment needed for me
  9. which made it more hard work to look at your other teams.
  10. doesn't always work, many times offered players with this set and still get clubs wanting you to pay X amount of the wage
  11. thought i'd give it another go today.... Against Man city, great game to come back to with my Blackpool side, switched to a 4231 narrow and it worked very well trying to hit on the counter, keeper made some good saves which were 1 on 1's so expected but of course KDB scores a 35 yarder that floated in more than flew in then to top it off a ball through which my defender can simply get but instead just at the last minute decides to stop running so Sane can just get the ball instead and 2-0. simple thing just infuriate the life out of me with this ME... the long shot i can let slide a little as it was KDB but with it floating in just no... 2nd goal well thats just a shambles of the defensive state the ME is in
  12. first time back playing it today after a week break as i was finding it far to annoying to play. trying to play 4 3 1 2 is like eating soup with a fork.... it just doesn't work with zero middle play now unlike the previous patch 1 on 1's - 0 goals in 15 1v1 chances, not asking to score each one but its more of a suprise when one will go in noticed time after time players make such stupid passes when an opposition player is stood right next to the player he's passing to. still far too many yellow cards for normal tackles, get stuck in is just comically stupid AM role makes you may aswell be down to 10 men thats enough for another week otherwise i'll put my head through the window
  13. agreed, unable to get any decent rating from my AMC. Had mine set to SS for a few games which he was more involved but not much better
  14. Same, gone back to the offical release, although not started playing again i couldn't cope with the beta anymore as narrow formations are just as ineffective as before. I could do with going back another patch
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